Is it time to kill the death penalty in Florida?


  • henry - 7 years ago

    why should we the tax payer pay to keep these people alive

  • Cbudelman - 7 years ago

    Crime pays, that's why we have so many criminals, They have TOO many rights and are not afraid because it takes decades before legal injections. with all their appeals it costs us the taxpayer millions of dollars where as if we had do process and brought them to court earlier instead of 5 years later. Executed them for their crimes, criminals would think twice about taking other people's lives. Do any of the 72% know how much money of our taxpaying dollars it costs to house and feed these people

  • Bernard L. Welch - 7 years ago

    Criminals who kill have no respect for their own lives. They don't care. They've coped out of life. By killing them we merely confirm their attitude toward themselves, and promote their behavior, officially.

  • busymom101 - 7 years ago

    Can't believe everyone is so worried about how they die when those very same people did not care about their victims and how they died. Think about the victims and their families.

  • eddieb - 7 years ago

    does anybody beleive that a crimmel who kills people think s about the death penalty before they plan the crime

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