As of today, who's got your support in the Presidential race?


  • John - 8 years ago

    Look at the majority of people who drive for CRST and CR England. That's who wants Bernie. Lazy assed mouth breathers who want everything free. NUFF SAID.

  • phill - 8 years ago

    Does is bother anyone that Ted Cruz was not born in America? Because when conservatives thought President Obama wasn't born in America, they were all in an uproar--where are they now? Anyone with half a brain knows the president has the highest security clearance in all the government, so during his security clearance process they talked with the doctor (if still alive) who delivered him. I am speaking as a veteran with a prior TS clearance--I know how the process works, they went back to my 1st grade teacher. Now the constitution states: "you must be a native born American" not just an American citizen. People, Ted Cruz is disqualified!

  • Jim Johnson - 8 years ago

    Anyone who walks on public sidewalks, drives on public roads, appreciates that the local fire department will will show up when called, sends their kids to public schools, or plans to cash a social security check is a socialist. Further, if they believe that a majority of the people should have a say in creating laws such as these that most of us take for granted, then they are democratic socialists.

  • outlaw - 8 years ago

    Wow, I figured the majority of my fellow drivers had common sense but after reading some of these comments in support of Sanders I'm now wandering. If Clinton or Sanders gets in were screwed ppl. Go ahead and turn your guns in and welcome all the illegals who get visa's.
    As one hand said, its time to pull ur head outta ur ass and come up for air driver.

  • wtfs wrong with ppl - 8 years ago

    "If these poll results are actually from the participation of the modern Truckers, I think I will refuse to renew my CDL!! The truckers that I know are not SOCIALIST."

    Agreed. Plus the truckers I know have common sense and do not have their head up their ass.

  • Juanito - 8 years ago

    Just for fun, I tried to vote twice. My second vote was rejected. I was just SURE that somehow, a couple of screwballs sat in a truckstop on their 34 hour re-start and just kept voting for Bernie over and over. I guess that is not the case, and in fact, 2/3 of you drivers ARE crazy. Anyone who would vote for Bernie or Hillary is merely hastening the demise of the country that some of us still love and would like to preserve. The only thing positive I see in this poll is that most of you would NOT vote for Hillary. That's refreshing, at least. But BERNIE SANDERS? REALLY? Wow. Sad.

  • CL - 8 years ago

    Have read many comments regarding getting "free stuff ". It is not free and myself and my fellow Americans have been paying taxes since we were able to work. Getting healthcare and an affordable education for my children is not " free". It has been paid for and I would rather have that then continuously bailing out the wealthy and dropping Billings of dollars of bombs on other countries. It's not free I just want to get some of what I put in back. Bernie Sanders is not a "socialist "in the old term used for communism it has been paid for and I would rather have that then continuously bailing out the wealthy and dropping billings a dollars of bombs on other countries. It's not free I just want to get some of what I put in back. Bernie Sanders is not a "socialist "in the old term used for communism We would still be in a capitalist society, we would simply be using our money for other things that would help the average American, not just the top 5%. All you have to do is look and see the wealthiest people continue to vote Republican. You would have to wonder why?

  • James Jarmon - 8 years ago

    TRUCK DRIVERS, Working Americans, voting 3 to 1 for a socialist. Have we lost our minds. I will concede that a socialist may be to best president for a truck driver, he would make us more money, but think of the damage he will do to the country. I may not be the biggest fan of C.L. Werner. But it you think like him long enough, You get to have YOUR name on the side of YOUR truck, instead of his. That's the way we should Vote too. Its hard to buy your own truck when the government is taking half your paycheck in taxes. If we elect another Democrat they will too, Or worse, get us into Another war without the will to win it.

    I really don't give a damn how big a blow heart Trump is, as long as he stays the pain in the ass after the election he is now. The president of the most powerful country in the world, should have the balls to make some demands of other counties. Weather they like it or not. Sometimes policy has to be made with your military in mind from the beginning.

  • brett - 8 years ago

    can't wait for sanders to win and people begrudgingly enjoy the benefits he will bring EVERYONE I personally will be taking advantage of more affordable education and becoming a more contributing citizen. trust me when I say I have never cared about this country more than I do now. I've never felt as hopeful or inspired. I HAVE NEVER FELT CARED ABOUT BY AN AUTHORITY FIGURE. I have always been a pawn for banks to use when I am already struggling to get my finances straight. I don't have time for college because I'm barely keeping my head above water with 40 hours a week. this isn't the country I was told it was as a kid. Bernie can bring it closer to the prospering country this once was, not with short term financial fixes and bailouts, but with investments in our foundation and long term plans toward a more functional future.

  • rod - 8 years ago

    I fought in a war against communism. I hate commies and liberals (same thing). I would vote for Charles Manson before Hillary or Bernie. Vote for them and kill our country.

  • Sharon - 8 years ago

    I've been a Driver for over 18 years and here's what I know for a Fact. Action Speaks Louder than Words PERIOD. We as Drivers Should all be supporting the Presidential Elect that Benefits Us, the One that's always forgotten The American Truck Driver. Now in Saying this there]s only One Candidate Choice for me. Hillary Clinton. You See Her Husband Bill Clinton Benefited Millions of Drivers when he was in office by simply raising Our Daily Allowance from $42. to .$51 a day, if you do the math and you were getting that tax credit according to everyday you drive. you could go from paying taxes on $50000. to only paying $35,000 Gross Income in taxes a Huge $15,000 Credit Now thats Action!!!.. You see these are the things that help Our Families and Our Bottom line. Don't fall for the okie dokie. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS! Anyone can Talk the Talk, But Can You Walk the Walk.... Go Hillary You Walk It Lady!

  • R - 8 years ago

    This ain't your grandpa's socialism. This is Democratic Socialism, which is one in the same with ethical capitalism. Plus, Bernie Sanders is a political enigma; he's honest, he's genuine, he's authentic. Look at his record. And he has zero skeletons. #feethebern

  • mountainman716 - 8 years ago

    Truck Drivers need to listen to "Brother of the Road 70 ". It is said that Cruz doesn't get along with the republican base, and why is that ? Cruz is not for the for the PC (politically correct ) establishment and stands and defends the Constitution. Iowa farmers and Senator Grassley, the Governor of Iowa all don't want to see Cruz as the Republican choice as he said he will do away with the ethanol subsidies that are a cash cow for Iowa and we the American people are paying for. That was or may have been needed when oil was $130 a barrel. We are now energy independent and have no further need for supporting corn farmers, which just raises the price of all kinds of animal feed and human consumption of corn products for the American people. So even though Cruz knows this is a issue that will cause him votes he is a man with the convictions to tell the truth even when it hurts. ( That defines a mans Character)
    Trump is a wind bag. He's use to bullying people and buying his way (bribes) for things he wants for his own self glory and prosperity.
    He will deal with China: put tariff restrictions on them it let this turn into a Law that was passed in 1930 (Smoot Harltey Law) which raised tariffs and held the depression of the 1929 stock market crash for 10 more years till world war 2.
    Trumps Bluster and his finger on the nuclear button are not something America can take a chance on.
    Think about this: if you want to find out about a persons real character engage him in small talk and you will eventually see their real true side when they are free to speak what they really feel,like Trump criticizing the handy- cap person, (slip of the tongue) ,probably but a bit of the truth as to his real character.
    Success in investments in Real Estate do not necessarily make one a good good president in national budgets as stated by a well known financier 200 years ago.Trumps hasn't given any specifics or plans on what he will do in foreign policy,terrorist ISIS and our economy other than say he will make america great again...more bluster ...
    Cruz is genuine,good moral values,intelligent and a good negotiator.
    Cruz will make a great president !!!
    Lets not get another Obama in the White House. This country will certainly fail if we do.

    Remember: Basic Economics, Nothing is Free,Someone is paying for it.

    So if you think free stuff is good you will find out the hard way, it has repercussions in lost employment,wages, incentives to invent and pursue new ideas.
    Look at Russia, Venezuela where what is yours is mine and what is yours is mine.
    Heads I win Tails you loose !

  • Lesa - 8 years ago

    Just in case people you know use these words incorrectly (intentionally or not) please correct them:

    SOCIALISM: is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.” Bernie Sanders doesn’t advocate for the confiscation of private corporations by the government.

    COMMUNISM: a system of social organization in which all economic and social activity is controlled by a totalitarian state dominated by a single and self-perpetuating political party. This is not Bernie's policy or beliefs.

    SOCIAL DEMOCRAT: Belief in a free market place. Belief in equality - regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion or creed. Believes that a government should be free of corruption, gerrymandering, and corporate control of our congress. Belief that Americans have a right to healthcare and NOT be penalized for not being able to afford Obama are, belief that Social security should remain. Belief in the demilitarization of our police forces. Belief in a woman's right to choose. Belief that Americans deserve to be paid a minium living wage.That an education a college education should not become a lifetime debt. Belief that Corporations and the wealthy should pay a fair share of taxes. Belief that rather than bailing out corporations, banks and wall street, the American people should be bailed out of the poverty our corrupt government has imposed on the American people. Belief that perpetual war is not the answer. Belief that our Vets deserve healthcare and support and JOBS when they come home. Belief that Corporations do not move American jobs overseas to avoid paying taxes. THESE ARE BERNIE'S AND THE MAJORITY OF AMERICAN'S BELIEFS

  • Mother trucker - 8 years ago

    Feel the burn

  • Charles Clingman - 8 years ago

    If these poll results are actually from the participation of the modern Truckers, I think I will refuse to renew my CDL!! The truckers that I know are not SOCIALIST.

  • Angie - 8 years ago


  • Gerrit Rozeboom - 8 years ago

    Shame on Overdrive for not including the one Candidate that can make a difference in the USA. Governor Mike Huckabee is now 4th in the polls among Iowa caucus goers, those who have done their homework.
    Following the Clintons as Governor of Arkansas he had to deal with one of the most partisan and corrupt State governments of all times and still accomplished massive tasks by cleaning up and turning things around for Arkansas. As Governor of Arkansas, he cut taxes almost 100 times, balanced the budget every year, and left Arkansas with an almost $1 billion surplus. Average family income increased by over 50%. He carried out 16 executions and dropped the murder rate by 20%. Check it out for yourself and make sure you vote.

  • Brother of the road 70 - 8 years ago

    Donald trump is a game player. His own words, he plays the game gets along with everyone on both sides. Sounds like he is part of the establishment. What we need is Ted Cruze because every since he has been there he has been shaking things up! He is a strong constitutionist, which is what we need more of! Constitutional government is what we started out to be, it was designed that way to LIMIT government reach into your private lives. It was designed that way to protect our rights as citizens. Today the government is breaking the very laws it puts into place, it is overreaching into the private sector. Your rights are being stripped away by the filthy rich people who play the game. We need more people like Ted Cruze, Ben Carson and many others who still believe in a constitutional republic, in a free America, where people have the freedom to choose their lives. You shouldn't be forced to where a seatbelt, you shouldn't be forced into Obama care which is universal health care repackaged; you shoudltnt be forced to register fire arms, or regulated on how you can protect yours selves. What we need is a leader who will stand up to the establishment and fight for freedom. We have too many politically correct wimps who bargain way our rights and freedoms, and Donald Trump is one of them! He does not care about us, our freedoms, or or children's future.

  • Russ Mills - 8 years ago

    We don't really have anyone to vote for who is going to do anything for the good old United States of America!
    What we really need to be looking at is term limits for all the congressmen and senators, these are probably the only jobs in America where you can go and start broke and retire with more money then most people ever dream of and accomplish absolutely nothing while you are there!.........What a wonderful place we live in!

  • James - 8 years ago

    I see it like this;it's going to come down to Trump or Sanders the Socialist,and Socialism is the second worst thing that could happen to the USA. The absolute WORST would be Shariah Rule,and even THAT would be a possibility under a Socialist regime.

  • Steve - 8 years ago

    Bo Bo the Chimp at least he won't Lie to you like all the rest. Every Politician out there is a Liar tell you what they think you want to here.Then go do just the Opposite. Each and every one are there for then not for you or I.

  • Bruce - 8 years ago

    Less than 16% of truck drivers vote,I DO NOT want to hear you complain when the
    Person you though should win is you big chance to get registered or shut up

  • Will - 8 years ago

    I find it incredible that this many people fall for the lies of Donald Trump. Seriously look up the things he talks about. Nothing but an endless stream of lies and hate.

  • Heidi - 8 years ago

    Once upon a time I thought Donald Trump would be good for the Americans, and perhaps in some ways as a business developer he has proven that time and again.
    However...please do not mistake business development with whats right for the country when it comes to this very dysfunctional planet.
    Just think about what may very well happen, just might happen...seriously, if Donald Trump actually becomes American leader, OMG>>>>seriously. Every American, Canadian and any country that has to deal with one another will be targeted by those that will not put up with Donald Trump! PERIOD.
    Donald Trump is a bully. Donald Trump does not care about you once the bombs start. As a President he will be taken to some safe and secure location while every human being will be anyolated. This is fact.
    This is not a business folks being a president, it is a leadership that has committed themselves to keep every person safe and secure to the best of their abilities under the constitution.
    This is every Americans life that will forever be changed and I strongly feel in my gut that this man will cause war.

  • coachman - 8 years ago

    And Pierre you think any of the others know shit?

  • Steel Containers - 8 years ago


    Are you better than Trump? At least Trump DID have a TV show...

  • Pierre - 8 years ago

    Who wants Donald trump as president he doesn't know nothing! Reality tv doesn't make you any better!

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