Who won the Democratic debate?


  • People Not Wall Street - 7 years ago

    GO BERNIE!!!!!!!!

  • Helpful Santa - 7 years ago

    Look up "FDR Democrat". Sanders is the walking representation of that. Who wouldn't want FDR policies back in the White House (aside from billionaires and corporations stashing profits overseas)?

  • Alma - 7 years ago


  • Michael - 7 years ago

    Sanders actually said when person dies in police custody, not specifically when an officer shoots somebody.

  • suraksha - 7 years ago

    Bernie definitely was the winner.His ideas are logical and he was very clear in articulating them. He has my vote. Hillary is becoming stale day by day. Her over optimism about being handed the nomination is what is raising expectations by voters.If she had come in without this attitude and been humble,may be she would have done well. But in every debate she lets out this aura of predestiny and that is bothersome. So no,she did not do well.

  • Joe Smith - 7 years ago

    I am a republican, but now I see that Bernie Sanders appeals to me so I am going to vote for him. He is the best president who shares the views of most people. I thought that it was stupid that Hillary Clinton was continuously referring to president Obama. This shows that she is not independent and cannot handle presidency.

  • nilang patel - 7 years ago

    Bernie dominated Hillary. She could not answer or form a rebuttal for the $600,000 given to her in Speaking fees from Goldman Sachs. Her best answer was "President Obama also accepted money from Wallstreet." Sorry, she is not what the country needs at this time. "It's time for Wallstreet to bail out the middle class." -Bernie

  • James Scott - 7 years ago

    @Susan Weinstein
    I completely disagree with your statement about handing Trump the election if Sanders is the nominee. Almost every scientific national poll puts Bernie up by double digits over Trump. Hillary typically beats him only by five or so points. Bernie is by far more electable than Hillary, simply because he can draw in both Republican and Independent support.

  • Deb Shepherd - 7 years ago

    Hillary 2800 v Bernie's 29,000, this is exactly why internet voting has murdered itself..Every legit site online called it close but gave the edge to Hillary..Morning Joe scored Bernie B+ and Hillary B..National wide poll released this weekend puts Hillary lead increasing..no report of that..and posting twits from Frank Lutz, GOP hacker..seriously, who would take this site seriously? Here is article from Bernie's hometown newspaper, why is the Gov and majority of mayors in VT campaigning for Hillary? Why does Bernie NOT have any endorsements from any other elected officials in 30+ yrs? http://lansingcitypulse.com/article-12189-The-trouble-with-Bernie.html

  • Jack O'Quinn - 7 years ago

    I just read a comment saying "this country is overdue a woman president. That's enough to vote for her"

    That's called sexism where you blindly support someone because of their sex and do not actually look at their policies. Please don't be so stupid, if you're going to vote someone in only looking at their private parts. You're nuts . Hillary is a decent politician, but that's all she is a decent politicians. In the 90s she wasn't against Gay marriage, now look at her views. She was a pro-gun advocate, now look at her views. She was for universal health care, something sanders is pushing for and now look at her views. Money and power are what sway her views. Bottom line is that she's not sincere or honest and will do anything to become president. I am not voting for Bernie because we long overdue a "Jewish" president. I am voting for Bernie because of his consistent policies for the last few decades. He has been fighting for the average working in this country for years before it make a fad like Hillary likes to go with. #BERNIESANDERS2016

  • Alfred Lehmberg - 7 years ago

    All performed respectfully, Clinton was valiant, and Bernie flat walked away with it, lock, stock, and twist-tie. Go Bernie!

  • David Evans - 7 years ago

    At this point 8 years ago, Luntz said Hillary was unstoppable.

  • Craig - 7 years ago

    Only Bernie Sanders supporters believes this bogus poll. Hillary is still leading nationally by 25 pts. Try again

  • Betty Robinson - 7 years ago

    I like Bernie's ideas, but Hillary gets my vote. She has worked so hard to become President. She deserves it. This country is overdue for a woman President. That's reason enough to vote for her.

  • Daniel - 7 years ago

    Anyone who actually watched this debate will know Bernie destroyed everyone tonight. Sorry corporate media but the corrupt plutocracy that your entrenched within is going to end. The people demand a real democracy. Have some damn integrity for once and tell it like it is. Bernie won this debate easily.

  • Travis Kerivan - 7 years ago

    I want to know how 89% over 9% is not a HUGE victory? Every poll I've seen so far shows Bernie winning by a landslide. In fact, many of the comments are made are by people who had been supporting Clinton and now will be voting for Sanders. Let's take back our country, from Wall Street, America!

  • Conrad - 7 years ago

    It is clear who our next president will be. Bernie Sanders 2016 !

  • Curtis - 7 years ago

    If your with Hillary you don't know enough about the bitch. She is so untrustworthy,lier, with wall street and all she wants is to be the first woman president and get paid off by her rich friends

  • Susan Weinstein - 7 years ago

    Hillary won. Are you people delusional? If you want to hand the election to Trump vote for Sanders. You believe in his socialist bull crap. He is a like an annoying relative who keeps repeating himself. Honestly, wake up!

  • Daniel M - 7 years ago

    Viewers and Friends,

    Before the debates started I was actually a Hillary Clinton Supporter. But after all of the debates, I have now decided to vote for Bernie Sanders. I agree with his policies and also support his political platform.

    I also believe that you have to follow where the money comes from; who is financing or making political contributions to the our democratic candidates.

    Hilary is funded by SuperPacks and big WallStreet Banks.... Enough said.

  • Chris mendez - 7 years ago

    Wow Hillary way to phone that you care about black people by jumping on Obama's back. You don't care at all. You just know that Bernie can take the black vote from you because he really did fight for civil rights.

  • Michael Karmil - 7 years ago

    What debate were the people leaving these comments watching?? Hilary won this debate by far!! O'Malley is just wasting time and Bernie came off as a fool! Hillary is the only worthwhile candidate put forward from either party! She has had my support from day one and will continue to have it as she will be our next great president!

  • D Hall - 7 years ago

    Listening to Hillary yelling and talking over everyone was like nails on a chalkboard for me. I just blocked her out when she was talking (yelling...sniping.. whatever) and tuned back in when she allowed Bernie and O'Malley to get a word in... I wouldn't vote for Hillary under any circumstances... She lies through her teeth, but the problem is she's not very good at it and people are finally starting to see right through her.. She should just pack up and go home now..

  • Ira Hubscher Jr. - 7 years ago

    Online polls from all 4 debates have shown Bernie collecting 70-90% of the vote, and with the exception of Lutz's comment; every media report would want people to think that Clinton was the more qualified and winner of every one of the debate. I would be surprised if tomorrows media reports give the win to Sanders. They are clearly biased toward Hillary. It's understandable to a point with her friends and money in newspapers and TV stations...most notably the Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC.

  • Janet Love - 7 years ago

    Bernie is so much more genuine than Hillary. And when he said he will stand up against the pharmaceutical industry, she lied and said she has stood up against the pharmaceutical industries. The louder she gets I feel the more insecure she is. Getting louder does not make her look tougher.

  • Venkat - 7 years ago

    Of all the candidates, both democratic and republican, Bernie Sanders stands out as a person who could be believed.

  • Carl - 7 years ago

    Why do we even include Martin O'Malley anymore?

  • Sergio Shimabukuro - 7 years ago

    What about the 29 million without health insurance Hillary? Bill Clinton signed the repeal of Glass Stegall, you shouldn't even sit with him at the kitchen table. I'm a minority and yes when more people get to know Bernie more PEOPLE will come to support him. Maybe that's why the DNC only scheduled a few debates and on weekends. Go Bernie give them hell the people are with you!

  • Ronald Mason - 7 years ago

    Sanders kicked Clinton's butt up and down the line.

  • Russell Miller - 7 years ago

    I'm voting Bernie Sanders. You know, the guy that's not owned by wall street or the media.

  • Gail - 7 years ago

    Bernie presented new BOLD concise ideas going forward. Programs that are not nickel and dime stuff but REALLY significant changes. Hillary is just the same old, same old, putting bandaids on this and bandaids on that. Bernie INSPIRES REAL CHANGE, REAL REFORMS! #Feel the Bern

  • David - 7 years ago

    Hillary as usual avoided answering questions in a straight forward way this is not a person that I would feel comfortable having as POTUS. Bernie on the other hand keeps reiterating his consistent points with clarity which makes him the better option for POTUS.

  • Lance Owens - 7 years ago

    Frank Lutz says he needed a big win tonight but he barely won. Really Frank?? All I'm seeing 90% say Bernie won. How big do you need it?? Hard to swallow isn't it Frank? Oh and how's that crow taste?

  • Rob - 7 years ago

    Sanders further solidifies that he's fit to be the next President of the United States. It's a shame on how many people don't understand that he fights for them, but are quick to bash such a great guy that is against corruption and for civil rights.... with a track record to prove it.

  • Trent Dowell - 7 years ago

    Bernie and Martin won in tangency, great performance by both of them. Hillary just looked stupid..

  • Betty Vance - 7 years ago

    Bernie Sander gave responses that were concrete as opposed to Hillary's generalizations. He's presidential material. Hillary is not

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