Rate your level of concern with GMH being able to pay its utility bills. (Poll Closed)

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  • Ms. P - 5 years ago

    Coming from an GMH employee's standpoint, I agree that we should be concerned about being able to pay our bills. But instead of pointing fingers at our billers not billing fast enough or insurance companies not paying claims, why don't we talk about the hundreds of patients who come through our doors without insurance and the fact that we are obligated to treat them? These are not patient with a minor cold. These are patients with serious chronic disease states such as diabetes, end stage renal disease requiring dialysis, and heart disease whose condition is severe enough to warrant thousands of dollars in medical care and a prolonged hospital stay. A majority of the patients who enter our doors don't have insurance and GMH gets stiffed with the bill. If patients started paying their bills, even a little bit, would help the hospital and tax returns wouldn't need to be garnished, the hospital would be in better shape.

    To say we should close the doors to GMH, rebuild and start fresh is unacceptable. The only other civilian hospital only has 30 open beds. There is no way they can handle the patient load GMH carries everyday. And GMH carries that patient load to the the best of its ability without sacrificing the quality of care they give patients despite all its limitations.

    Maybe for once the papers can have an article that shows the good work GMH does instead.

  • Steven K - 5 years ago

    All these talks about privatizing the hospital might be a good idea. But not right now, and certainly not with this administration. I would be concerned with the current governor striking a deal to get his family to own our only public hospital. Maybe a future administration can consider this option, but not this one. We will regret that decision years later. For now, lets start cutting non-critical employees as GMH cant afford almost 1,000 employees. Lets cut this down to 750, and stop giving breaks to Selectcare. Ask them to pay their bills on time, and I am certain more money will be provided for GMH to pay its bills and attain needed supplies and equipment.

  • Tina Sanchez - 5 years ago

    Just privatize the hospital. We shouldn't be in the hospital business

  • Basta Umbre - 5 years ago

    Very Concerned, but not for our leaders. They are fake and pretend they are concerned, but hey, lets renovate the Umatac bridge that is claimed to be historical. Whatever, our generation built that when Gov Gutierrez was in office. If a worker gets hurt while doing the work will GMH have the supplies, power, and water to provide medical treatment?? All of a sudden they found money but still hold onto it instead of giving GMH right away. Our leaders use the new hospital or go off island. Islander is right, in addition, pour money into the hospital to clear all its debts and start fresh. Doing so will show where the true problem is at. Privatize the billing office so there is some accountability. In a private company, if an individual is not efficient or doesn't meet company standards, they get fired! At will and no union such as the civil service to save them. Also don't blame the ins companies for not paying bills that are incorrectly submitted, its the billers that submit the claims with errors. Fund the hospital now!!!!!

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    It's time to shut down GMH and start the renovations and fix the problems that plague our hospital . Start fresh with a new and improved system and repaired facility. It's just a money pit right now .

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