Should we be paid for plasma donations?

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  • Tamiko Spicer - 9 years ago

    By Canadian Plasma Resources opening these clinics it will not increase Canada's self-sufficiency even by 1%. This plasma will be sold to countries that have fractionation plants, (Canada does not have any,) and will be sold back to us at in inflated price in the form of medications. (Think selling our raw oil to the USA and buying back refined gas.) Nice to see that they have done this without public consultation and is another backroom deal that we were accustomed to under Harper. I was hoping for better transparency and leadership under Trudeau since Ontario passed a bill to prohibit this will all parties agreeing and voting unanimously on this issue.

    Oh yeah... almost forgot... When we have a blood or plasma shortage now we are bidding against the world for our own plasma! Why would we let this happen? Jobs? What is gained in the private sector will most assuredly be lost in the public sector.

    Harper was good at selling our nation's raw materials for cheap... now other countries can harvest our plasma as well.

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