Which rumored iPhone 7 feature excites you the most?

Posted 3 years.


  • Chris - 3 years ago

    Why isn't there an option for "4 inch screen iPhone 7", that's the option I want. No more giant phones.

  • MacinScott - 3 years ago

    I'm most bothered that wireless charging received 16% of the vote.

    WHY?! How is placing your phone on an inductive charging surface more convenient than plugging in a Lightning cable? What am I missing?

    Current so-called wireless solutions wouldn't even work with a case on your iPhone, drastically limiting any perceived advantage.

    You really want to travel around with a charging mat? Somehow that's more convenient than a small USB plug and Lightning cable?

    Unless Apple invents some all-new method of wirelessly charging that doesn't involve a surface that needs to be plugged in anyway, and also works with or without a case, I have no idea how it could be considered a feature.

  • Lee - 3 years ago

    I am sooooo sick of the camera upgrades. That is no longer a feature I care to hear about. It's like they are milking that for all it's worth. Wanna make me replace ALL my family's devices at once Apple; make the batteries last longer, use near field charging or anything related to keeping it charged longer than a day with moderate use.

    Apple's new features aren't anything that Jobs would rave about. Where's the "Next Big Thing" anymore. There's nothing great lately. The last really couple really great features were a long time ago; finger print recognition and all it's uses along with Siri.


  • Dan - 3 years ago

    Yes it does need a nine of the above or other. I just would like better battery life.

  • Avieshek - 3 years ago

    OGS (One Glass Solution) Displays

  • Lombax54a - 3 years ago

    The loss of the headphone jack is a feature to me, not a trade off as this skewed poll makes it sound.

  • James Fung - 3 years ago

    OLED screen & new camera technology would excite me most.

  • Phil - 3 years ago

    Do these questions always appear in this order. If so, with so many options, the order of the questions will affect the results, with the top options getting more consideration.

  • fishbert - 3 years ago

    this poll desperately needs a "none of the above" option

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