Are you happy to see parking fees frozen?

  • Terri - 4 years ago

    Although I understand that a good portion of parking costs go to support the hospitals and the many needs within, where governments have failed to help, it is my concern that people (many who can't afford it) are still being given the short end of the stick, at times when they have no alternative.
    Multiple use parking passes never used to have an expiry on them, now they have to be used or lost within a year! This is not right, the money has been paid for the passes and (like gift cards) should not have an expiration date, Park Link or Precise Link or whatever the companies names are have received payment for the passes and should have to honor them throughout the allotted visits paid for; they definitely are not losing anything by honoring the passes, which they have already received payment for.
    At this time I have 2 parking passes, one for the Humber River Hospital and the other for Credit Valley Hospital and what really annoys me is that these passes should be accepted at all hospital locations, not just one location, this way the passes would probably be used quicker and then another one purchased, giving the parking company a continual revenue source and no losses by anyone.
    I (like many people) am on a very limited budget and these added costs and the losses, should a card expire before being used does not help the stress levels especially when a loved one is sick in the hospital or has to continually visit the hospital for a doctor appointments (it seems that it is easier for the doctor to see patients at the hospital and not their office anymore) and other tests, this is very expensive to the patient and their family.
    How can this be changed, for the sake of the many users? What will it take for the government to fix this issue correctly, without it being a band-aid solution?

  • Shatterpal - 5 years ago

    Wrong info on the website because I was there on oct 5th 2016 and they are still charging $150 for a monthly parking pass... where as website says it's $79 tax included.

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