Who's side are you on Janet Hubert or Jada Pinkett Smith?


  • HC - 7 years ago

    Aunt Viv would have won me over if she ended the video by doing her dance routine from Fresh Prince and snapping in Jada's face at the end.

  • Kyle - 7 years ago

    I find that a lot of people hate Will and Jada, mostly because of their kids which I find weird. And since they don't like that family, they will believe anything as long as its negative.

  • I'm Just Sayin - 7 years ago

    I just realized that my comment on the last poll may have sounded sexist. You guys are right. I shouldn't mix Jada's actions with Will. And maybe she didn't get any inspiration from what Will did in the Grammy's. She has been woke. It amazes me how quickly people turned on her and Will. I think its mostly because they don't like their kids...their kids are completely free and wealthy enough to not care about supporting gender norms or preconceived notions about how African American girls and boys should act. And I think that gets some black people angry...the same ashy people that were angry about Blue Ivy's hair probably.

    Anyway, Spike Lee keeps going out there and spitting the truth. That interview with George Stephanopoulos, tho...

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