SPEAK UP: Have you made any preparations for weekend weather? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Would you vote for Donald Trump? 231 YES, 200 NO

  • Mart Warren - 5 years ago

    There are those who laugh about preparations and buying groceries and all of that. For those who are older, two inches of snow is a LOT! It can mean breaking a bone. It can mean driving on snow which may scare them now. What you laugh at now may not be so funny in 25 years.

  • Eric Gross - 5 years ago

    Everyone makes such a big deal out of snow....The other day when a quarter inch fell on the region (Putnam County) shoppers flocked to the supermarkets. A manager told me that every loaf of bread and every container of milk was sold from the shelves.

    We WILL survive the weekend whether the Hudson Valley receives 8 inches of snow or 18 inches of snow. People--DON'T PANIC!

  • Peter Doran - 5 years ago



  • Joe V - 5 years ago

    Mercy me, it isn't rocket science preparing for a potential emergency... Here are some great ways to be ready.. http://lifehacker.com/5390502/put-together-a-winter-home-emergency-kit - Just Do It and don't procrastinate....

  • Emma - 5 years ago

    Prayer and mind control--to keep it away from us. I lost my plow guy and noone has answered my calls for another.

  • LHJudge - 5 years ago

    So true Melissa I laugh at all the people rushing to buy all the necessary 'blizzard' supplies...I look to the Farmer's Almanac for a better forecast...the media hype is just killing me...anything I guess to sell newspapers!

  • Melissa W - 5 years ago

    How can anybody prepare for an event that has been described as everything from a dusting to a blizzard? The weather service has been so unreliable in the past few years that people might as well go out and buy suntan lotion for the possibility of a heatwave over the weekend

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