Should Hillary Clinton Have To Answer For Bill Clinton's Legacy Of Sexual Assault Allegations?


  • Amani - 7 years ago

    Donald Trump was accused of rape by his ex-wife but we hear more of Hillary having to defend herself from Clinton's actions than that. And didn't we elect Bill again after half of these allegations? No, it's not relevant to her candidacy.

  • SugahBabe - 7 years ago

    At first I was conflicted because it felt like an extension of the Clinton-hate and as Karen pointed out, she didn't sexually harass those women. Bill did.

    Then I wondered if we hold other women accountable for their husbands' every action? And I realize that I do for some women. Because I judge and absolutely hold Pill Cosby's wife accountable for trying to suppress and oppress the women he's raped and continues to shield her husband from facing the consequences of his past actions.
    So, yeah, we may have to actually call Hillary to task for that shit. She can't get a full pass.

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