What did you think of Tina Fey's latest Sarah Palin takedown?

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  • woopit - 4 years ago

    It really took me a few minutes to decide that it was actually Tina Fey- -it's crazy how much she looks like the other "Crazy"!

  • Elaine - 4 years ago

    So great!!! Tina Fey is fabulous! Great skit especially when Sarah is vying for the VP seat with idiot Donald!

  • Paula - 4 years ago

    I thought the comments made by "Trump" were some of the best parts of the sketch. Best line: "She's two Corinthians short of a Bible." How many comedy writers know that much about "Two Corinthians" (aka "Second Corinthians") to have made that connection/line?

  • MikeM - 4 years ago

    7% gave Tina Fey a 'C' or less? Must have been Sarah Palin's fans...

  • Harry - 4 years ago

    Sarah Palin, has lost her mind. How could anyone in there right mind blame the President for
    her sons drinking behavior. Those kids are acting out because of her hypocritical actions. She says
    she's a christian, yet she comes on public TV using profanity, She is a disgrace to Christianity. Poor Don, more than likely, never read two verses in the bible his entire life. You can't fake the bible around real Christians...

    Tina is absolutely the greatest. She's more like Sarah than Sarah.

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