Is Montreal's mayor expressing what most Canadians think about the Energy East pipeline?

  • Vern Casey - 6 years ago

    He is concerned about a pipeline yet there is not mention of all the tankers on the St. Lawrence bring oil to the Jean Gaulin refinery operated by Valero. A quote from the Valero website: "The refinery receives its crude oil by tankers that can carry up to 1 million barrels." Here is a link if you want more info:

    I will take a pipeline regulated by Canadians over a tanker flying whatever flag possible to avoid proper safety & shipping regulations and carrying oil from countries where environmental protection, human rights & democracy are likely non-existent.

    We should be using Canadian oil first.

  • MEL DERKSEN - 6 years ago

    These so called Canadians only like Alberta oil when they keep getting Alberta's Money , When our money stops giving them a better life, all of a sudden their concerned about the environment . What a bunch of leeches . As a previous comment said , Go around them and cut them out of "ALL Alberta monies". Or as our "Last good Politician" said , "Let them freeze in the dark". Come on Albertans , Stick up for your province . If you can't do that , Then go back where you came from.

  • Alberta Guy - 6 years ago

    So go around montreal and cut them out of the equation

  • Roger Larson - 6 years ago

    Where does the oil that Montreal is currently consumes come from? What are the risks from the current supply logistics? Has the Mayor run a side-by-side comparison? If the Mayor is clear on what physical infrastructure and operating protective measures would be required to bring the risk down to a lower level that currently is the case, then an acceptable risk management plan could ensure that the project is supportable.

  • LAA_BC - 6 years ago

    this guy forgot to mention that his election campaign was financed by the islamic-arabs producing oil in the middle east and exporting to eastern Canada.
    FOLLOW THE MONEY if you want to know what is really going on..

  • Bryan Nichol - 6 years ago

    Unfortunately, the mayor is expressing what most people think - most people in Canada still live in the St. Lawrence Valley. They live with the idea that somehow the world is in a transition to a fossil-free economy. They like to think that nuclear and hydro are clean energy sources, ignoring the extraordinarily destructive potential of the first and ignoring the damage done in the harnessing of waterways in the second.

    The world runs on fossil fuels and so does the Canadian economy - Brad Wall is right to ask for the restitution of the equalization payments.

  • eric thiesburger - 6 years ago

    Green energy----just like to point out to the good Mayor that oil is a fossil fuel and fossils were once living (i.e. 'green') Oil is natural.

    Just keep buying your oil from the hafeful Arab desposts who fund terrorism are impose Sharia with unspeakable cruely on women and children.

    Forget about Alberta from whence has come hundreds of millions of your welfare (aka transfer payments).

    Your actions amount to terroist funding and un-patriotic hypocrisy.

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