Has a News Director Ever Asked You to 'Bump Up' Your Forecast?


  • brian inman - 8 years ago

    nope, as a matter of fact they usually call me and ask if their headline is correct. " major storm to impact the tri-states" is that okay to say? me yes or no with alternative wording if needed

  • Fanny Tornadic - 8 years ago

    Bump up the forecast? It's ludicrous to say an ND would ask that in an ethical newsroom, however, bump up the cleavage works every time during book. It is biological and scientific.

  • Mark Watkins - 8 years ago

    Hyping the weather was a common daily thing at WSOC in Charlotte. When I didn't boost the forecast...I was accused of not being a team player. On one occasion in a room of reporters, producers, and the news director when we had the daily "hype the weather" meeting. I said, "Hey, I have an idea. Today let's tell the truth. We haven't done THAT for a while." The room went silent, and finally someone said, "No, really, what are we going to do today?" Six months later I was fired.

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