SPEAK UP: Was the Public Service Commission right in granting Central Hudson’s rate request? YESTERDAY'S: Would you put solar panels on your home? 135 Y, 1

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  • ken - 4 years ago

    The joke is on all of us. You almost have to be an idiot these days to want to stay in this area.

  • Mart Warren - 4 years ago

    Central Hudson decides to do community projects like opening up Garden Street in the city of Poughkeepsie and , I assume, gets a big tax write off. The city saves money but the rate payer is the one forking over the cash. I will never benefit from this project nor is it one of the "charities" that I would have contributed to. Instead of funding all these projects, put that money towards keeping our rates lower. ch of this rate increase could have been paid for if they hadn't funded the Garden Street project, for example? Now mulitply that for the other things they insist the rate payers pay for..

  • Ralph Pettorossi - 4 years ago

    Can anyone remember when the PSC turned down a rate request? Fat envelopes under the table work every time.

  • Kevin - 4 years ago

    Figure out what the increase is in your your bill and just deduct it from your payment. Screw them. 5 more years to go and NY can kiss me where the good lord split me.

  • George C - 4 years ago

    Once the added storm expense is covered, will the customer's bill be reduced back to pre- storm amount?

  • imanjunk - 4 years ago

    Whats amusing is everyone wants equality and if everyone made what those guys make with double time more than likely it can all add up. But then I guess thats the price to pay to have jucie at our immediate need unlike other areas of the world that can't even keep power up for a day. But one has to wonder the combination of double time, the slow work progress just because of the conditions, out right daudling, implied wages, etc.. how much of that cost is real grind stone work and not trucks parked at Stewarts for an hour yet getting racking up the hours! I think if it was pure work and say at normally hourly rates, I don't think it would be a customer issue to pay for it.

  • Tom B - 4 years ago

    Is this going to happen everytime a snowstorm hits the Hudson Valley? It seems so. I can't remember anytime the commission turned down a rate increase. The Public Service Commission should be investigated. Corruption is rampid in NYS.

  • Eric White - 4 years ago

    As your article states, the cost of storm damage is supposed to be "already" included in our bills. So then I ask you, why do we have to pay for the storm damage fund again ??? Political spin and total B.S.

  • walter - 4 years ago

    There are many people that have been working without a raise for years. Prize of oil is very very low. Public service commission has been payed off. The interest of their wallets comes before the people.

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