Who won the Democratic town hall forum?

  • Justin - 5 years ago

    Bernie 2016 tired of seeing her too old. He's not. Also tired of hearing Hillary is smarter and has more experience. Bernie has been doing this for 25 yrs lol

  • marilyn - 5 years ago

    Hillary is the smartest person with the most experience. Bernie is too old, in another year or two he won't remember what he has said. She has my vote.

  • May Lepak - 5 years ago

    I am a Bernie supporter all the way. I don't trust Clinton at all. Her husband did a great job when he was President, but I won't vote for Hillary just because she's a woman and wants to be President. She irritated me last night when she took an awful lot of credit for the Iran deal. She may have talked to some other countries. But it is President Obama's idea to be calm and communicate. John Kerry did all of the talking and communicating with Iran. Now all of a sudden she is saying that she believes in this communicating way of administrating. Sorry but that was President Obama's way of governing.

  • rap - 5 years ago

    Sanders/Warren 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Edwin - 5 years ago

    No one cares about your politics "practicing" whatever that means your stupid anecdotes with someone in Brussels. Nothing is perfect, no one is saying socialism is either. But we have try something new because the status quo isn't working for the vast majority of Americans. And people like you, afraid to change, afraid of losing ground on some antiquated notion of how things used to be - be brave. There's more of us now than ever before thankfully and we're moving forward. Don't live in fear. Shelve your pride in party or candidate affiliation and go to a Bernie rally, talk to these people. It's ok to think critically, but open your mind to the possibility that you can change too and it doesn't have to be painful - especially when your friends and neighbor's know the path forward.

  • Joe - 5 years ago

    This is why Hillary will never win https://youtu.be/rZHO1vo762c When Republicans dig this one out she'll never get elected and we'll have Trump as president.

  • Andy - 5 years ago

    Hillary will never get my vote... Sanders all the way. I wouldn't mind seeing O'Malley as VP.

  • Edwin - 5 years ago

    To Bernie supporters, where do you think Socialism is working perfectly? Some of the European countries and Canada he always making as an analogy to his policy, those countries are encountering serious problems in delivering health cares to their citizens due to lack of funding. It sounds beautiful on paper, but the implementation will not occur because the Republican will vote it down.
    Bernie is a complete joke. I stated this because I grew up practicing politics, therefore, it is very difficult for me to purchase an individual's policy until I make my own assessment.
    Having said the above, I can't vote for Bender because my vote will be a waste.

    Let me leave you with a conversation that existed between me and an employees of Air Brussels in Brussels. The lady stated that they work five (5) hours a day and four (4) days a week, and rest of their needs and wants are provided by government through welfare.

  • PeterR - 5 years ago

    P.S. All the CNN critics were RAVING about Hillary tonight--but I actually think she was pretty AWFUL and "Off her Game..." She's been MUCH stronger in previous Debates and Appearances...! Several times she got totally FLUSTERED and just kept talking until she could "get around to her stump-speech talking points..."

    When that college kid asked her Why she thought people didn't trust her, and why there was a "lack of enthusiasm" for her candidacy (as opposed to Bernie), she seem TOTALLY taken aback and flustered, and "reaching" to try and find an answer... That happened SEVERAL times with her tonight...

    Bernie, seemed composed, genuine, thoughtful, funny and authentic...

  • PeterR - 5 years ago

    Though I will ALWAYS take virtually ANY Democrat over a Republican, I am very lukewarm about Hillary...

    I LOVE Bernie, and ALL he stands for... While I applaud all the candidates for keeping the Campaign (mostly) Civil and Issue-based, I have to say that as much as I loved Bill Clinton, I'm just not that huge a fan of Hillary's...

    These comments are SO right--Bernie is as GENUINE and IDEALISTIC as they come in this Cut-throat, jaded Political World, and I only pray he can wake people up IN TIME for it to make a difference...!

    I was also a HUGE fan of Joe Biden, and was crushed when he decided not to run... I think he would have easily walked away with both the Nomination AND the Presidency... I understand the reasons WHY he DIDN'T run, but, if the Country is not ready for President Sanders, President Biden would have been a NOBLE and EXCELLENT choice!

  • Marc - 5 years ago

    Bernie hit another grand slam tonight. "Take the income cap off social security", "ask Hillary if she will do that?" Answer: she has no interest!
    Only Bernie will expand social security and avoid more Middle East quagmires!
    Go Bernie!

  • Alexander Smith - 5 years ago

    To the O'malley supporters, when he drops out, please feel free to come feel the Bern with us.
    We both know O'malley is better that Hillary. We'll welcome you with open arms.

  • Yvonne - 5 years ago

    I, as many others, felt that this debate was intended to pander to Clinton. I am not alone in this observation. Having said that...
    Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders is a Candidate who honestly is For the PEOPLE. He is not looking to gain the title. He is looking to LEAD. Bernie Sanders has stepped up and told the American People... LOOK !! WAKE UP !!!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!! He has shown American Citizens why they are in the debt and without adequate healthcare that they are. He has been a Champion of Americans Civil Rights. He is showing Americans where the majority of the tremendous wealth of THEIR Country is going to. He is TELLING the TRUTH. Bernie is naming Names because he has nothing to hide. He is showing the American People that they have been uncomfortably NUMB for way to long. Bernie Sanders has devoted his career to serving the People with a genuine devotion similar only to the Devoted Adoration shown by People like JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr., FDR, Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. When comparisons like these are being made by different people all over America... doesn't that in an of itself speak volumes?

    What other Presidential Candidate have their voters/supporters Marching for them in Marchs so Large that they look like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade?
    What other Presidential Candidate has Americans at Home and abroad seeking the information on how to further Bernie Sanders Grassroots campaign, gathering it, and Organizing Bernie Sanders for President movements from where the reside?
    What other Presidential Candidate has demanded an independent audit of the US Defense Department ... and TOLD Americans Why he was asking??
    What other Presidential Candidate campaign has NO SUPER PAC's?
    What other Presidential Candidate has received more donations from independent everyday Average Americans then EVER BEFORE in the recorded History of US Elections??
    Bernie Sanders has arrived at the exact time America desperately NEEDS Him.
    Bernie Sanders has Given American People Pride in themselves again.
    He has given us Hope.

  • Glen - 5 years ago

    Bernie nailed it again. I was a little on the fence but after tonight seeing his add versus Hillary's it was clear that Bernie cares about all of us. Hillary's ad came across as more politics as usual and think it's time to get this country back on track. We should be spending our money fixing schools, roads and producing clean energy. I am tired of war, I am tired of lies, I am tired of corruption. Please lets try something different. We have noting to lose and everything to gain.

  • Aaron Elms - 5 years ago

    Bernie for President 2016!!

  • Karla - 5 years ago

    Yes, right Mary. Because Bernie has won 14 elections due to bad voter turnout. How do you know what Sanders supporters will do? Wasn't the same thing said about Obama voters in 2008?

  • Luke - 5 years ago

    Bernie Sanders won the townhall debate. We demand that Wall Street pays its fair share of taxes. We bailed out Wall Street when the too-big-to-fail banks nearly destroyed the economy. It’s time to break up the big banks and make Wall Street bail out main street. Democratic socialism is better than oligarchic capitalism. I’m all for capitalism, but it’s unjust that the 20 wealthiest individuals in America have as much wealth as half the people in America. It’s unjust that the top one tenth of one percent wealthiest people in America have as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent of Americans. Bernie wants to make affordable healthcare a right to all people, make public college tuition free, create 13 million decent paying jobs to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure, and increase the minimum wage to $15/hour, and he plans to pay for this by fixing the tax loopholes so the billionaires and mega corporations on Wall Street pay their fair share of taxes. Hillary is funded by Wall Street (Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, etc.). Bernie is funded by the people, for the people. Vote Bernie Sanders 2016! #feelthebern!

  • Mary - 5 years ago

    Sanders always "wins" online polls. People who actually vote pick Clinton.

  • sam sanders - 5 years ago

    Why does CNN say Hillary won the debate, when according to this poll, we all can see who America truly wants and needs as the POTUS Sanders 2016

  • Carlos - 5 years ago

    #Bernie 2016 ...

  • Thomas - 5 years ago

    Bernie again was on fire, it's SO obvious when you see how desperate Hillary is about Bernie going to beat her in Iowa caucus. You see the candidates were meant to stay sitted, Bernie stood up his chair and people responded very positively, THEN Hillary and O'Malley copy Bernie trying to look approachable like he did, but that's the special thing about Bernie, he's natural with no need to pretend.

  • Polls! - 5 years ago


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