SPEAK UP: Should minimum wage increase to $15 an hour? YESTERDAY'S: Was the PSC right to grant Central Hudson's rate request? 50 YES, 209 NO

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  • JoeV - 4 years ago

    Absolutely not. Let's get off of this entitlement kick. If you want to earn go out and learn. A blatant notion that all workers are worth $15 minimum is total gobble-de-gook.

  • Ralph Pettorossi - 4 years ago

    With the help of student loans I worked my way through college (DCC and SUNY Albany.), working nights and summers at minimum wage. After graduation, with careful budgeting and working every minute of overtime offered to me, at times working 12 hour days, Saturdays, and numerous 1/2 day Sundays I was able to pay off my loans in 4 years. $15 minimum wage? Malarkey. Ambition and hard work.

  • Kevin - 4 years ago

    Enough of the liberal democrats giving hand outs McDonald's was never meant to be a career. How do you justify making minimum wage $15,00 an hr for kids that are still in high school as to those who have graduated collage and have student loans that are making $15.00 hr? Try working your way up the ladder instead of starting at the top of it!

  • Laura - 4 years ago

    Do not get me started. Minimum wage is for people in starter jobs or teenagers. It should encourage you to get more education or training and get a better job. If you want to make more money than the current minimum wage go earn it. I don't make minimum wage because I realize that I cannot afford to pay for the things I want for my life ie food, shelter, some nice things like cable tv and the occasional meal out. Therefore, I went to college and get the job I wanted. You say you can't get into college, or don't want to do traditional classes, then go to some kind of vocational training. People should not simply be handed more money because they can't live on what they are making. Make something of yourself in order to improve your financial well being.

  • Walt - 4 years ago

    Gas was NOT 4.50 when Bush left office....it was UNDER 2.00 a gallon. All this will do is cause run away inflation....less jobs and more automation. I suggest those in support look where it has already been done...jobs being lost....business moving or closing and projects cancelled

  • Mary - 4 years ago

    You should be able to work full time in this country and make ends meet....... This just is not about small business....... When the gas was 4.50 a gallon the end of Bush's term the stores raised the price on there products... Right ??? Ok gas has gone down but the prices in the store are still high.... We as middle to low or even poor class NEVER get a break..... Dunkin Donuts CEO makes 4,000 dollars an hour but can't pay there employees 15.00 SAD SAD...... GREED ........
    When the top 1% miss handle their money WE as taxes payers have bail them out ...... Stop letting the rich get richer and the poor get poorer

  • shawna - 4 years ago

    Once you offer a higher starting wage than the managers ,assistant managers and co-workers that already make that amount by their hard work, dedication and loyalty, you thereby, need to increase those salaries, which in turn will actually hurt the small business owners. While some have no choice, most use these jobs as a step up and learning experience. It would be nice and of course it would certainly help those receiving the increase but it will most definately start putting the mom and pops out. There has to be a better solution than forcing these businesses to comply. Is there a tax break? Will the workers compensation and insurances be lessened? Most likely, not at all.

  • DT - 4 years ago

    There's lunacy afoot. It started with $15 for fast-food workers--often these are teens working part time after school. My concern is the inequity. AN example -paramedics must attend college, get a degree, go through rigorous training, pass state exams, their work puts them routinely in dangerous if not life-threatening circumstances---and last I checked their starting salary was $12.50 / hour. So a teen working for pin money starts at a higher salary than these people whose job is to save lives? Someone rationale better re-evaluate what we're doing and how we can reasonably do it. During the greedy 1980s large companies told us they had to pay exhorbitantly high salaries to their CEOs to make sure they could get the "best" people. . So the workers looking after your mother/father/grandmother shouldn't be the best? Priorities, America, priorities.

  • TP - 4 years ago

    Many people just are not worth $15 per hour. More facts, less feelings.

  • Walter - 4 years ago

    It should go up but not to $15 an hour. $10 an hour would be OK with me.

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