Should Delaware's minimum wage be raised to $10.25 by 2020?

  • John - 2 years ago

    Agreed with Bryon, ^ min wage= trouble for our economy. We should make these fools take Micro and Macro economics before they can vote on these types of policies. SMFH. If you really believe min wage is beneficial, you're a complete FOOL.

  • unknown - 4 years ago

    People like Byron are the first ones to say no, and yet they have most likely had no experience of living paycheck to paycheck, providing for their family, or trying to live a semi-comfortable life. It is practically impossible to do so without relying on the help of others. A rise in pay will make fewer people apply for help from the state and will allow people to save and not develop so much stress or depression over making ends meet. I am speaking from the standpoint of a preschool teacher WITH college education who is making less than 30k a year. I should not have to look outside of education to be able to live comfortably and to do something I enjoy; it is something that should be a given. Yes, education does not pay much, but it still does not justify that those who are aiding in the upbringing of the youth to have to live at poverty level to make a difference. Asking to be comfortable and rich are two different things, most like me just want not to have to worry about what their paycheck will cover and finding ways to make ends meet. Asking for a little more money betters the worker's morale and makes them feel like it is a bit more worthwile to stay with their employer.

  • byron syndor - 4 years ago

    you people need to grasp simple economics. if employers have to pay a higher minimum wage, the costs for their goods and services will go up to offset it. you won't gain anything. you may just find yourself out of work. many places are replacing cashiers with self-order kiosks and registers because it's cheaper than the new minimum wages.

  • Carmen Laluz - 5 years ago

    The minimum wage should raise because it's really hard to pay rent, eat and pay bills on just $8.25 an hour. It is a struggle people have to hold two and three jobs just to make ends meet, also most of the jobs don't hire full time.

  • Teodoro zayas jr - 5 years ago

    It should be sooner, like ASAP!!! They should make minimum wage $15 an hour

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