Who do you think won the Fox News/Google debate

  • sc - 5 years ago

    Rand Paul definately won!!! No cheaters here!!! :)

  • KK - 5 years ago

    Paul is the only one speaking knowledgeably of Constitutional issues and effective use of our founding document's principles. He also actively utilizes those principles in the Senate. America needs such leadership in the highest office to reestablish its standards of freedom with responsibility and action with character. The Big Picture is important to consider here, and Paul appeared the most mindful of it in this last debate.

  • Joe - 5 years ago

    Rand Paul is the only candidate who stands for the ENTIRE constitution! #standwithrand

  • Tina - 5 years ago

    Trump won even though he didn't attend

  • Ray - 5 years ago

    Lets get real here. Who is the establishment afraid of ? Who is MSM avoiding and why? Rand Paul... Hmmm think about it. You want an anti establishment leadership Rand is your man. I love my child enough to #standwithrand

  • John DeNicolo - 5 years ago

    I wanted to Vote for "the Donald"!

  • Ben Frank - 5 years ago


  • NS - 5 years ago

    I keep putting cool emojis and stupid question marks keep appearing. Grrr

  • NS - 5 years ago

    GO CRUZ ????????????????????????❤???? #1 in my book.

  • Joshua Snyder - 5 years ago

    Rand Paul did great. Substance, articulate, proven track record of consistancy. End the war on drugs, criminal justice reform, immigration reform, stop regime change.... He won on all of these. #StandWithRand

  • william - 5 years ago

    TRUMP .......... even thought he was not there.

  • Karen - 5 years ago

    Trump won the debate, and he did not even have to attend. If you had included his name here, he would have won this poll, too. TRUMP 2016!

  • vicki - 5 years ago

    Ted Cruz won

  • Scorch - 5 years ago

    Rand Paul is the best Candidate. He is the only Candidate that isnt a Fake. Fox wont even talk about him which makes him more reputable for America.

  • NS - 5 years ago

    TED CRUZ IS THE ONLY REAL CONSERVATIVE ???????????????? Paul's a douche...

  • NS - 5 years ago

    Exactly! ???? lol

  • KylieKai - 5 years ago

    Rand Paul is the ONLY true conservative in the field.

  • Ryan L. Natschke - 5 years ago

    Rand Paul really?? He's as conservative as Donald Trump. lol

  • NS - 5 years ago

    I think there are some cheaters out there! We know who won and it wasn't Paul...

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