Which of these statements do you most strongly believe concerning the death penalty?

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Poll posted 4 years ago.


  • Ron Bauer - 3 years ago

    The death penalty should be reinstated, it justifies the situation, right or wrong.

  • Helen Close - 3 years ago

    I believe in the death penalty and always have. It does help to deter such heinous crimes done against another human being. My nephew was murdered a few years ago in Corning, NY. NY doesn't have the death penalty for every day people who commit murder. The man was given life. It's appalling to me to see members of my family who live & work in NYS, having to help support this man through the taxes they pay. I know a few years ago in the state of Delaware, it cost around $30,000 per year to house and support an inmate. Why we have to spend our tax dollars on those who take a life instead of providing those in need with that money. It's offensive to me. I pray the death penalty would be passed and kept in our state.

  • Cynthia Jean walston - 3 years ago

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  • SEAN Falkowski - 3 years ago

    FAQ Beth! Kill them all!

  • Beth Reho - 4 years ago

    What an awful poll! You list three pro-death penalty answers, one anti-death penalty (based in practice, not on the penalty itself in principle) and one about retribution that some pro-death penalty people would vote for. I know they are silly, but put some thought into these polls, please.

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