I won't vote in 2016 if . . .

  • Dan - 5 years ago

    Trump's a Christian conservative at heart. The vicious defamation by Natl Review and Fox prove they're nothing of the sort and their empty, flag-waving jingoism and "family values" shtick just so much manipulative encapsulation of their Israel-first and anti-Christian agenda. Glenn Beck has said he prefers Sanders to Trump, other neocons prefer Hillary, and along with the Left, they're all likening him to Hitler, meaning the Jews see him as a threat to their ownership of the federal government. No matter what Trump believes or can actually accomplish, a vote for Trump cannot not be interpreted as anything but a vote to deligitimize both parties at once. If traditional, non-Marxist Dems sense that is really the case, he'll take it all.

  • Caroline Rausch - 5 years ago

    I've been reading a book about Churchill. I came upon a passage that talked about his face. Part of the mystic quality embodied in Churchill's character, in his legendary fearlessness and unflinching resolve to resist tyranny and evil whatever the cost, was discernible in his face. The arrangement of his features presented a challenge to any foe. Experts had searched his countenance and found no possibility of compromise --- rather the probability of combat to the death for what he believed was good and right.
    This face would not appease, this face would not cringe or plead, this face would not tolerate even minor misdemeaners to his code of ethics. Now it is possible to view the face of Donald Trump from any angle with many different expressions --- he can be serious, he can be annoyed, he can frown, but his natural facial expression is a radiant smile. His smile is contagious, and imparts self-confidence and good will. His smile lifts me up. By looking at his face, I know he is what he says he is, and he will do what he says he will do. There is no guile in his face. He is incapable of sneering, he is not vengeful, his superior intelligence warns him to smell a rat when a rat tries to bite him. Most of the people he must deal with are beneath his dignity, and he knows it. He is surrounded by envious pygmies who try to provoke him but he handles them like the noble sovereign he is with nobility and disdain.
    For me Donald Trump is like a knight in shining armor, receiving all the slings and arrows of the filthy scum and traitors of our world in our stead, he is jousting against ingrained evil and enmity for our sakes, and we must stand by him steadfastly until he has won.
    When I look at the face of Ted Cruz, I see the type of man who sells snake oil and tries to make you believe it is real medicine. I do not trust him. His character is written in his face,

  • Margie Anglen - 5 years ago

    If Trump is not the GOP nominee, I will vote independent/third party. I will vote. I feel that it is my civic duty to vote! Besides there will be a whole host of other candidates as in county and state on the ballot. In my humble opinion, if Trump is not the candidate, a lot of his supporters will not vote. They are the disenfranchised to begin with. They are the ones who haven't voted for a long time because they feel "the poles are rigged, politics as usual, why bother" crowd. About 2/3's of the Christians do not vote in any one election. If Christians would vote their Christian values, we would not be in this mess. By the way, Cruz is not a Bible-believeing, born-again, saved-by-the-grace-of-God, Christian. His theology is off-base! I realize that Trump is no conservative. Most of his supportes, I think, feel the same way. We would rather vote for Trump however, because we know what we are getting. Has Trump changed his beliefs about some things. Yes, he has. Haven't we all. As far as his three divorces, it takes two to tango and it takes two to keep a marriage together. There are some marriages that just need to be ended. Trump believes in America and wants to stop the flow of immigration. Those are the two things that I think will get Trump elected. Rubio is Bush IV. Carson would make a great surgeon general. The more I learn about Cruz the more I realize he and his wife are so far into the global, NWO, elite group it is not even funny. Heidi Cruz helped write the trade agreements that did away with thousand of American jobs. As far as I am concerned there is no one else on the GOP ticket. May the Lord have mercy.

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