Brandon is wearing a...

  • PBMom - 5 years ago

    Pixelated hell. LOL. Actually it is pretty cool.

  • Ponytail - 5 years ago

    It is an awesome Winter Olympics sweater design for a lucky country.

  • Ganymede - 5 years ago

    The ICY imbedded staining remains of a SNOW-Covered TIRE that has TRACKED over my recently SHOVELLED pristine Laneway!!

    Or, an Asteroid Belt... If you look *really* REALLY closely, you might spot a little Millennium Falcon!

  • cat4444 - 5 years ago

    It's Ancient. Look at the enlarged photo and it becomes obvious. Although what is says is gibberish - kind of like writing a foreign language using the rules and letter patterns of your own language.

  • Patricia Bertrand - 5 years ago

    We're Canadian, so it can be only one thing - snow.

  • Sparrow_hawk - 5 years ago

    Alien computer code.

  • Duptian - 5 years ago

    I thought is looks as though someone was having problems with a paint sprayer

  • JeffW - 5 years ago

    How about an LASER interference pattern?

  • ceresis64 - 5 years ago

    The shattered symbols of Stargate's Ancient language.......

  • Gilder - 5 years ago

    totally AWESOME sweater!

  • airelle - 5 years ago

    A binary pulse code wave form...

  • prof.madmax - 5 years ago

    You REALLY loved "The Hateful Eight" no?

  • Line Noise - 5 years ago

    Looks like a Joy Division album cover to me.

  • Joan001 - 5 years ago

    Ha! It reminds me of all the graphics that I've seen of space junk around earth... But nice sweater - still space themed.

  • chevron7 - 5 years ago

    Perhaps Brandon needs Head & Shoulders... Hey it saved the planet in Evolution.

    Cheers! Love the sweater Brandon.

  • Mike A. - 5 years ago

    Sadly, not only do I think that it's NOT a "space"-related sweater, I don't even think it's a sweater for the male gender. ;)

    I could totally see one of the girls there wearing it and looking quite good in it. On Brandon though, it kinda looks out of place. Sorry, Brandon! Maybe that can be one of the early symptoms of Tataryn's Disease, "gender clothing confusion".

    (I only make fun because I made that same exact mistake many years ago with a cool long sleeve shirt I bought where I really liked the design on the front….and had no clue until I put it on that it was meant for girls.)

    -Mike A.

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