SPEAK UP: Do you use cable for television? YESTERDAY'S QUESTION: Have you gotten your property tax rebate check? 71 Yes, 185 No

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  • Todd - 4 years ago

    Have Time warner, didn't like when they switched to digital boxes on my extra (2) TV's a few years ago but the kids use their ipads to watch all channels on Time Warner anyway so the TV's (besides the main ones) are not used anymore anyway.

  • Mart Warren - 4 years ago

    I used to have a tv in 5 places . Now it is 3 because it costs too much with a box everywhere with Cablevision, my only choice. Where I used to get a signal without a box, I now can't get one with a box and cablevision says my wiring is at fault and I have to hire n electrician to rewire the wire in my wall. My bill has tripled in 10 years,with no added services by my request. Yes, I have many more channels but I don't watch 60 sports channels! I would rather pick 20 channels I really like and just have them. They are a rip off and the internet is slow with only one person using it!

  • Tom,yr - 4 years ago

    Time Warner just raised rates not long ago and now making us get digital adapters and charging ANOTHER $3.+ a month for that. Per TV. I'm getting REALLY close to cutting out TV all together. Cables companies are WAY out of control. And look at the "FEES" part of your bill. INSANE. Customers are leaving in droves. I'll be one of them this year.

  • SF - 4 years ago

    The only cable optionn in Lagrangeville is Cablevision. The bills keep. increasing and last month the $10 increase was not for TV (the usual) , it was for the internet. Since so many are cancelling the phone and TV portion of their bill they are now trying to making up the loss by increasing the portion they assume people will not cancel. I'm livid because of the hundreds channels, they are only a few. worth watching. And movies are getting impossible to watch because of the commercials. One scene --then 5 min of commercials. On my agenda is cutting it out.

  • LHJudge - 4 years ago

    Have COMCAST. Life in an apartment setting means no DISH etc so really no freedom of choice. Towns contract with these damn cable companies. Monthly bills are astronomical and they endeavor to find new ways to take even more money. I long for the by gone era of roof attennas...ugly yes but so much better than being hijacked by cable companies.

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