Is Canada squandering the wealth of its fossil fuels?

  • ogno4ws - 6 years ago

    Sorry Ms. Klassen, we haven't "taken-ourselves-out,,,,,", world oil prices have done the job. The bad news is: In Canada, the high cost of extracting a depleting resource (hydro-carbons) CAN NOT compete with world hydro-carbon prices. All the pipelines in the universe can't change this economic fact. The rapidly falling costs of renewable energy sources (wind and solar) will keep Canada's hydro-carbons uneconomic FOREVER. The good news is: We now have the opportunity of carving ourselves a niche in the next phase of the industrial revolution, the transition to a renewable energy "electric powered world". The opportunities are staggering: the technology exists at a cost less than "Business-As-Usual", the jobs already created outnumber those in all the hydro-carbon industries combined, and the "pollution" created in an "electric powered world" is significantly less than "B-A-S". Watch these videos to gain a more complete appreciation for what this transition means;

    It is my hope that all of us can embrace this transition and get on with reaping the benefits, both economic and environmental, ASAP.

    If these videos have peaked your interest in this transition, the five Lovin's youtube videos on the part energy efficiency plays in this energy transition are a "must watch".

    In addition to immediately getting on with the transition to a renewable energy "electric powered world", for those of you who; like myself, dream of a world with a NEW ECONOMY" that, unlike our current "ECONOMY", IS CAPABLE of infinitely sustaining life in a finite world consider the following:
    1) The basic requirements for the support of all animal life includes:
    - the access to air, unpolluted for a longer life. Supplied by the biosphere.
    - the access to water, unpolluted for a healthier, longer life. Supplied by the hydrology cycle.
    - the access to healthy food, Normally supplied by the bio-diversity of the soil, flora, and fauna.
    - the access to shelter, Normally supplied by other bio-diverse plant and animal life.

    2) The physical & natural laws by which all of earth’s life is governed. This includes:
    - gravity and the speed of light.
    - the laws of thermodynamics.
    - the chemical reactions allowable via the periodic table, and the laws governing rates of diffusion and chemical reactions.
    - the outcomes of a constant rate of growth as shown by the mathematics of the exponential function.
    - the energy source for earth’s processes is the sun, or energy stored in the biosphere that came from the sun. (The energy we get from food is supplied by the sun via plant photosynthesis).
    - all matter used for production comes from the earth’s biosphere and must return to there or space.

    3) The methods nature has evolved to infinitely sustain life in a finite world while bounded by the above laws. This includes:
    - the process of natural selection.
    - ensuring all life processes are closed loops with feedback loops in all systems.
    - these closed loop processes are characterized by having no waste. EVERYTHING IS RECYCLED.

    Because the ECONOMY is product of human imagination and design; it can and must be redesigned and transformed ASAP to make the 3 topics elaborated above, the cornerstone of the workings of the NEW ECONOMY.
    Watch this video for one take on this redesign:

  • Richard - 6 years ago

    First: three billion people in China and India don't give a damn, they are building more coal fired generators every day and don't have the luxury of closing them down!
    secondly, the majority of Canadians are burning oil products from such places as Nigeria, the Emirates, Saudi arabia, that doesn't cover the list but no matter the list every one of these countries has NO environmental laws, No human rights, No democratic process, they all tanker their oil into Canadian waters, sell at world prices no discounts !
    At the same time Alberta is land locked, has a democratic process, has human rights, has environmental laws stricter than most has a record of success in innovation but we are held captive by the small minds that profit from our equalization payments but are fans of NIMBY! sadly we are held captive to the smallest of the small imaginations!

  • Jack - 6 years ago

    Whoa! I do believe we must all give our heads a shake. Believe what you will about economics, oil, dollars and government they all have a part to play. The players at this time have taken no time to find the balance and continue to disagree on everything. Those in charge at this time have shown me that fools can gravitate to the top. Nothing can be done for the good of all by being one extreme to the other. COME ON get together and compromise the problems will end for all.

  • Davis Swan - 6 years ago

    I worked in the oil patch for 20+ years. It is an exciting, dynamic, an innovative industry motivated by huge opportunities for profit and the recognition that petroleum products have delivered and continue to deliver great wealth and personal freedom to the world.

    That's the good news.

    The bad news is that the use of hydrocarbons for many mundane purposes is not only politically incorrect it is unacceptable for a significant number of people on the planet. Whether you believe the science of climate change or not the political leadership of the world is now anti-coal, anti-petroleum, and most certainly anti-tar sands. The industry will carry on and a better cycle will develop over the next year or two but the long term trend away from hydro-carbons will continue.

    In the case of Alberta there are some other options. The province has some of the best wind energy resources in North America and is next door to a hydro powerhouse. Developing technology to balance these two renewable energy sources as well as other energy storage technologies could make Alberta and Canada a world leader.

    Domestic pipelines like energy east do make sense and I personally would like to see that project get approved. As pointed out, meeting our own domestic needs with Canadian Product cannot be seen to be a bad choice. However, no matter how you look at it renewables are the future and the sooner Canada gets serious and identifies niches in that industry to excel at the better off we will all be.

  • Joan - 6 years ago

    I think that as the THE RESPONSIBLE PEOPLE who have have been the stewards of this BEAUTIFUL province we are being bullied by our own provincial and federal governments (who wish only to get their name in ANY kind of history book) that it is time time to speak up against the BULLYING. We live here, breathe here, breed here and raise responsible children , just as our ancestors did. STOP bullying us and believe that we are not here just for the almighty dollar that many of you envy . A lot of people came to this province to capitalize on the almighty dollar and now look down on us for our oil industry. We don't desert when times get tough we weather the storm. We work hard and live hard and die hard. We ARE and always have been the pioneers of this harsh country and any time you think we are handed what we have I invite you you to live the life myself and my family have lived . We have weathered blizzards dust storms births and still deaths natural deaths and not so much natural deaths good times bad times joyous times extremely heartbreaking times deadly times good governments and bad governments just as everybody else in this world has. Our parents and grandparents fought for the freedom of this country and others in world wars our children and grandchildren fight in wars against prejudice and injustice and inhumane acts of violence. We have heart we have empathy we have love of family and country . I am SICK TO DEATH of this country of unappreciative money grubbing people that think we have it easy in Alberta the you owe us spoilt idiots that think they know all the answers. Get a job get a plan come up with a concrete idea that doesn't endanger lives wildlife or the planet and then flap your lips - I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!

  • Frank Rizzo - 6 years ago

    This article was written by a dinosaur that either has a low education level or is in complete denial of their global surroundings.

    In the USA, they are moving to Solar Farms built by the Walten Family Dynasty. Salt Water Nuclear Reactors as well. Japan has almost completed a full switch to Solar for residential and salt water reactors for industry and commercial.

    Canada better act fast. Its time to build for the next 500 years and that will cost us money, no doubt debt, but it is needed in order for Canada to be a world leader. If not, imagine India today. That will be us in the future if we dont build now and forget this dinosaur technology that the writer clearly loves so much as he is manipulating you by exploiting unemployment in Alberta.

  • Peter Dunn - 6 years ago

    Karin, I appreciate and agree with your article. It is a shame at the lack of Leadership, innovation and team work by our elected Leaders. I am afraid their lack of experience is magnified on the world stage. Young PM Trudeau and many of the Provincial leaders have bought into the Global cooling, Global warming, or is it Climate Change. (Why all the name changes) Our Leaders are willing to use fear and misinformation to create a power shift in our resource sector. The #Climate Change Hoax is building a new economy based on manipulated and politically high jacked science and while there is agreement of warming there is no agreement on how much or if this is a negative issue. With just a few hours of research one can find that our leaders, the mainstream media, and other are misleading you and I and already have their hands in the money pot for the Trillions of dollars that will be stolen out of the pockets of its own citizens in the name of taxes, eco, green, saving the world. It is time for Canadians to wake up to what is happening, I thank Karin for writing this article, our own government and the Marxist greens are stealing our tax dollars and using billions to scare us and promote a Climate change lie all to slowly remove what little power and control the voting public has.
    As Karin has already noted Trudeau and team are being outwitted on the world stage. And as they pose for the photo opportunities and gloat in their self-righteous endeavours on a non-problem their own citizens are losing jobs, losing homes, losing hope.
    PM Trudeau you and our Canadian leaders need to know that "Never has a great Nation been built on fear and Lies." This foundation being developed on fear and mistrust will undoubtedly fail. PM Trudeau, if your thoughts and goals are not about power or politics but for the betterment of Canada as a whole then instead of manipulating and politicking with the UN and the IPCC why not simply invest in and reward those who can make our present plentiful resource cleaner along with rewarding innovation and creativity on new energy sources and apply where they fit now with the goal of continued and improved growth. All through history reward has been a better method to accomplish success, growth, innovation and a healthy nation. The Keys are in your hand, let’s unite Canada and build for a brighter future. Peace

  • Sylvain - 6 years ago

    Just use It get Canada out of debt People think they will be more pollution then all The war we have in the world , the earth is changing by itself you'll never stop the and of the world .(today if you don't have any money you will not be able to invest for new way ,new technology to save the earth let's waykup we need to compromise to be able to do it!!

  • Gern from Edmonton - 6 years ago

    So let me get this straight: In order for us to compete globally, we should loosen the local regulations on drilling and transportation? Tell me how an oil leak on a pipe line in Alberta goes ignored for how many weeks? Tell me how we should crank up production when there is a line up of tankers outside of Galveston TX being told to wait because there's no where to put the oil they're importing. Or how Captains of tankers heading to Texas are being told to slow down. Or how we should produce at a loss. I know, let's panic, blame who's ever in charge, change the gov't and do it all over again. Or better yet, let's join the US because, apparently, it's so much better. Well it isn't and we aren't. Suck it up, princess, this is oil country: It's Feast or Famine.

  • Scott Drysdale - 6 years ago

    Canada should not be held hostage to US Oil refineries who, with rare exception, control the price at the pumps here in Canada. US has already proven, not only to be an unreliable trading partner, but has now become our most severe energy competitor!

    We were once the sidekick nation to USA but now, under Trudeau, we no longer have any respect from US feds....... we have become USA's chump neighbor...... Only if US society collapses from within, will Canada ever get the respect it deserves.

  • Paul Murphy - 6 years ago

    I believe the majority of Atlantic Canadians are in favor of the Energy East pipeline, especially those of us who have spent years working in the oilpatch, we are not the enemy, Yes ,Canadians have to be the laughing stock of the world,, being dictated to by the rest of the world when it comes to our dollar, our natural resources etc. Until such time comes that we have weend ourselves away from oil,if that time ever comes, then we are foolish to not be using our own Here is an opportunity to give a desperately needed boost to the Canadian economy,,Transporting oil by pipeline from Alta. to N.B. is no riskier than ships crossing the ocean. The policy makers in Ottawa need a wakeup call, or soon , we won,t be able to pay their enormous salaries....

  • David - 6 years ago

    Finally, someone states the truth. We have been played, when will we as Canadians realize that we have the toughest standards in the world for extracting our resources. The premier of Alberta and our Prime Minister have a false vision of how the world views us. Oil producing countries may thank us for the tough stand we have taken on green house gas emissions, all the while they increase their production. The world uses oil, and the supply will be met! The other oil producing countries have taken us " out of the game". The 3rd largest oil reserves in the world! The next time you refuel your vehicle, think of where the oil came from.....can you hear them laughing at us. I can.

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