What rumored 2016 Apple product excites you the most?

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  • Bill - 4 years ago

    While I'm most interested in the new iPhone, it's hard to get excited about this version. Apple needs to step up, better battery life, 32G min, the minor camera improvement is just that minor. Give me image stabilization on a non plus model. On second thought, maybe I'll just wait for the iPhone 8.

  • sikandar Khan - 4 years ago

    Its pretty clear that everyone always excited about the apple product but mostly for the iPhones.So i follow the same fashion i am also excited about the new iPhone because this time we all want to something really different and new, amazing,unique as always apple does most of the time except the iPhone 5c. I love every thing what apple made IPhone to the Mac to the watch and so on.

  • macman - 4 years ago

    How about new Apple Watch so I won't need an iPhone at all? Start thinking forward instead of backward. Macbook Pros are way overdue. Macbook Pro desperately needs a 17 or 18 in model. Stop making products super thin. How about make an iPhone (iPhone Camera) with a bigger lens and zoom give it a bigger battery and better speakers like iPad Pro. The Macbook Pro could also use the speakers that are in the expired 17 MBP or better. Make a "RUGGED DROP PROOF WATER PROOF DUST SAND PROOF " iPhone, iPad, and Macbook stop worring about making things thinner each time a new version comes out. Engineer better products.

  • CJ Hinke - 4 years ago

    Apple! How about giving this iPad telephony? All iPads should have had this feature, a la Samsung Galaxys.

    And, fer gosh sakes, add PORTS! Why make us fans contort ourselves and buy multiple adapters?

    Wish list: Give up iOS and make iPads real Macs!

  • Philip Paymer - 4 years ago

    Add "Touch ID" to all notebook computers!
    Add "HDMI 2" to the Apple TV.
    Make the Mac Mini designed to look like a mini Mac Pro.
    Nothing less will move sales & the stock (though the 5sc is an overdue product that will add sales, but only if it is very close inside to an iPhone 6s).

  • Craigus - 4 years ago

    I'm dying for some macs sporting the latest and greatest specs. A revamped iMac design, new Mac Pro would be nice too.

  • Kamil - 4 years ago

    What about the new Apple Watch in general?

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