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  • Larry Koppenhaver - 4 years ago

    One outstanding and independent candidate is advocating for the 99%. He may be defeated because 90% of the "mass public" do not have a coherent political belief system. Too many voters are suckers by propaganda from the best shills that wealth and high income can hire. Hopefully, the majority will not vote against their self interest in 2016, as they have done so many times before.

  • Bob - 4 years ago

    Hillary 'Pinocchio" Clinton Broke Serious National Security Laws, and should be Indited. It's become very clear, that King Obama's DOJ is Protecting her. Why else would the Investigation be taking sooo long?

  • J Vernon Ruth - 4 years ago

    It's a sad outlook for this country when someone who has broken so many of our laws gets a free pass based largely on gender. How many even considered how the family members feel to positively know that the death of those who died in Banghazi IS attributed to her not bothering to respond to 600 requests from Ambassador Stevens for assistance months before the situation there actually exploded? Even more unforgivably is the FACT that assistance could have been sent during that attack and certainly could have changed the outcome? What if one of those who perished was one of their Loved Ones..?!!

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