Do you see a benefit to Wireless Roadside Inspection if deployed nationally in the future?


  • Dave - 8 years ago

    I see it as a violation of my rights specifically the right not to incriminate myself

  • coal roller - 8 years ago

    anything the government puts its fingers in creates a mess and wastes our hard earned money, I drive to make money this aint a hobby, so my truck is right and taken care of, don't need anybody to tell us what I need or don't need, just leave us alone, same people who telling me what to do cant balance a check book

  • Robert Taylor - 8 years ago

    These are what i am sure you will see. An increase in bad weather accidents across the board. This is why. The driver has only a very limited and unable to adjust his time when the clock is running he must be maxing out his speed in order to make up the miles required and with no way to adjust that he will be running faster than he should for road conditions.

  • norman - 8 years ago

    i think they could use the money on the roads more then into our lives. they did the same thing to the fishing industry use to go out every week now there have only so many times they can go out and gust so much they can get and if they fish in the wrong place the coast guard takes there lood.

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