Should municipal workers be required to disclose past-due debts?

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  • Laura - 4 years ago

    Yes, they do run a credit check on you for most corporate jobs these days. They want to make sure you have decent credit, pay your bills relatively on time, etc. Why is that any of their business if I'm going to a janitor in a corporate building, or a marketing professional? Idk. They think it establishes your morality somehow. But for elected officials and appointed officials, I think we have a right to know they are paying or not. ESPECIALLY, when they are voting on raising taxes that they choose not to pay?! Ridiculous. Pay your bills. You know you're making more than the average bear. Own up!

  • CHARLIE WEYMOUTH - 4 years ago

    The extremes of debtors' prisons and, within our Colonies, the display by pillor, brought one into adequate exposure of shame to oneself. Today, one declaring bankruptcy, not only voids paying your bills, but, sadly, is bantered as a social accomplishment. Shame is no longer amongst us. Don't pay your bills ? Sure if you are in an exceptional medical condition, etc. But, otherwise, awaken to public seizure of your property---start with your recreational vehicle or boat, then your home. "HAVE YOU NO SHAME, SENATOR ?'--(McCarthy (Cohen) hearings) [ Senator Mc Carthy had no shame]

  • Bruce Brunozzi - 4 years ago

    YES, all should. Even the lower paying jobs have decent benefits, & pension. Paying your debts is your responsibility. They run a credit check on you when you apply for a job in the private sector, do they not

  • J Vernon Ruth - 4 years ago

    Absolutely: YES!! If taxpayers are funding the job, I'd definitely want them held to the same standards as the rest of us!

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