Who Won The New Hampshire Democratic Debate?


  • Jim morgan - 8 years ago

    This poll is, of course, bunk. Sad to see that Democrats like the above commenters are so willing to accept the labels (lisr etc) that republicans have manufactured for Hillary. I have watched and admired Bernie for years but Hillary is our best bet. In today's world we need a tough leader who will stand up to bullies like Putin and the world's other bad actors. She will do that using a wealth of knowledge gained through first hand experience. Unfortunately Bernie's foreign policy experience does not hold a candle to hers and that should be the electorate's first concern. Domestic issues will require compromise and cooperation from republicans which President Obama has been unable to obtain. Hillary and Bernie are probably both equally able to deal with GOP obstructionism. As I said, Hillsry gets my support but Democrats should strongly bsck either csndidatewho wins the nomination. The last thing our country needs is a republican president. God help us.

  • Dave Howser - 8 years ago

    This debate was rich in substance, style, and information. Sanders prevailed in substance and authenticity while Hillary managed to pull off leadership style. I am an independent who's critically concerned about the ineffectiveness/gridlock of our government. Bottom line is that politics as usual no longer produces effective results for the working class; my perception is that Hillary is still very much embedded in Wall Street. Perhaps Bernie & Hillary can team up together to stir things up??

  • louise hoff - 8 years ago

    Bernie Sanders cares about our democracy, our government and our families and has inspired more and more people to stop saying that they don't need to vote because both parties are the same anyway. He wants our country to stop becoming a banana republic steered by corporations and banks and become what our parents and grandparents hoped for us when they returned from wars abroad where people were deprived of democracy. He is honest, forthright and like most of us, does not lead a life of tabloid fodder. He worries about crumbling bridges and poisoned drinking water and jobs disappearing overseas, about our service economy only allowing people $7-8 an hour with no hope of climbing out of debt. He cannot do this alone. We all have to care and care to see, really see who we are electing into local and state government.

  • Dan Kellogh - 8 years ago

    Bernie did a good job. He should of pressed Hillary more about being in the Wall Street, big money organization.
    Hillary is NOT to be trusted as she lies and says anything she thinks will help her with an audience!! She will lose the general election as she is not a person of good character. Republicans will make a fool out of her bc of her many bad decisions with email and in Syria.

  • Jay Walpole - 8 years ago

    It is apparent many others were tuned into a different debate than I watched. My daughter is an avid 40, year old Bernie Bot, wand we messaged me during the entire debate and while they both did well, much better than the GOP, she was discouraged by Bernie's understanding of foreign policy. She commented favorably about Hilary's overall performance. That does not mean that she liked all of her positions, but instead saw the strength that she exhibited, and knowledge of the subject matter. Bernie is a quality person and has really helped move the discussion to the left.

    Hillary will still loose NH by a double digit margin. You will see the fortunes change after NH.

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