Rate your level of confidence in Calvo's outlook for next fiscal year's economy.  (Poll Closed)

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  • Concerned citizen - 5 years ago

    Economy looks bright for Guam with the construction of several hotels and shopping centers, increases in tourist arrivals and military build-up. The only issue is the current administration and Legislature's mad dash to spend more instead of paying down GovGu debts, tax refunds, and trim down GovGu through consolidation and reduction in force. GovGu must perform as would a private enterprise, increase efficiencies and deliver campaign promises. For start, read and heed the OPA reports outlining GovGu's sub-standard performance, and act on fixing what's broken. Pass legislation to reduce the culprit agency budget by 10% for sub-standard performance. We can't afford incompetence. We're still waiting for the cause of GPA's disastrous fire. Enough is enough!

  • Islander 2 - 5 years ago

    Calvo has a tendency to overinflate everything he touches and when it doesn't produce he creates a reason to point fingers . Like a spoiled child who always has to get his way , foot stomper rock kicking spoiled child. How about concentrating on repairing our island and its infrastructures ?
    How about paying off our islands debts and creating a positive surplus of cash for once ? How about voting out the three most corrupt Senators Tina Muna Barnes , Rory Respicio and Dennis Rodriguez. Too much selfish agendas , too much greed and way too much nepotism in Gov Guam and the chief Calvo is the worst with his side kick idiot Lt. gov Tenorio . OMG ! Thanks A lot Gov
    Guam !!

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