Who Won The 2016 New Hampshire Republican Debate?


  • WALT ORO - 7 years ago

    Where is the none of the above button ? None of these folks will be President and none of this clown parade was a winner for anyone up on stage ... totally pathetic ...

  • vonda fritz-adams - 7 years ago

    Donald Trump is the only candidate besides Christie that can directly answer a pointed question! I can't believe how highly educated attorneys and trained politicians seem to ramble on and on - they insult my intelligence and look extremely foolish! Good luck Trump and Christie.

  • Richard Olsen - 7 years ago

    How exactly did Trump win this debate? He simply repeated what he has said over and over again without giving any specifics. Chris Christie, on the other hand, gutted the Marcobot and left him out to rot, essentially ending his presidential campaign. Now, I wouldn't say that Christie is the best candidate on stage. Either way, they're all a bunch of backward fools who lack original thought compared to the Democrats, but Christie certainly looked like the strongest of the bunch with his attack on Rubio. The Marcobot Malfunction is probably going to virtually guarantee a Democratic victory in 2016.

  • Alan Rosa - 7 years ago

    There are two republicans that worry me. Rubio is one. Handled well, he could "look" presidential, and people could see themselves voting for him. Last night, between his electromagnetic pulse and Obama set out to destroy America ... I'm not worried. That was some truly bizarre stuff.
    The other is Kasich. He could win. Thankfully, the average republican voter is unable to understand a man who seeks moderate solutions. so no worries there.
    This is looking like a good time to be a democratic presidential nominee.

  • Don - 7 years ago

    Donald Trump nailed it again. Clearly the best chose for president.

  • Kevin O'Neill - 7 years ago

    Who won?
    The Democratic Party clinched it last night.
    Last night was a stage full of petulant whiners.

  • Dan Griffin - 7 years ago

    Megyn Kelly won.

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