Would you like to see True Blood Return?


  • sarah g. - 6 years ago

    There must be an 8th season but only if it will be concluded with bill and sookie together happily ever after. Come on this is a supernatural series, no biggie to undo the current ending which totally sucks.

  • Susana Buono - 7 years ago

    Somewhere I've left a comment that says is not necessary to choose between with or without Bill, 63% + 32%, 95%, is clearly too much more than only 63%, there are not excludents, they can add. I'm part of the 95% that want TB back and with Bill...There is not the excludent answer: would you TB back but only if Bill is not in the cast...

  • Sharon - 7 years ago

    I think they could maybe make it like Sookie was having a bad dream of what could happen with certain choices if she should give up her Fairy powers . Or even Bill could be having the dream . The way True Blood ended was very disappointing . I would gladly watch again . The story line always involved Bill, Sookie & Eric and should remain so .

  • Kayla mullinax - 7 years ago

    I love true blood. And layfate could. Do something that could bring bill Compton back and it could cause some kinda triangle with Skokie and her new man.. Wanna see about Pam and Eric and about Jason his lady Sam and his child so much you could do at least 7 more series...

  • Penelope Summers - 7 years ago

    I would prefer if Alan Ball or someone of his ilk came back to write but I would watch it without Bill.

  • heather - 7 years ago

    The first several seasons were the best, hated when Alan Ball quit writing for the series.The series finale was SO disappointing!!! If Sookie couldn't be with Bill then it should of been Eric.If TB comes back hopefully Bill will be apart of the show and Tara.

  • Kathy Henderson - 7 years ago

    Why can't Grandpa Naill and Eric collaborate to make a solution that can reconstitute a vampire from it's dried blood. After all, this is Bon Temps.

  • Tammy Massey - 7 years ago

    I would watch no matter what. But it does seem that there really is a story line for Bill. Historically, or somehow someone turns him back to vampire. I would most certainly turn on HBO again. I have cut it off my satellite because there was no other show to watch. And it would give my husband and me something to watch together again. It was the highlight of our week. Bring it on!!!! I would even help write or edit or proofread for free to be able to get the show back on.

  • Rachel Christiane - 7 years ago

    They should have bill come back as a ghost of some sort and communicate with sookie and everyone (maybe every one) and he could tell them how to live forward on with out him and tell sookie to not make bad decisions.

  • Joyce Sica - 7 years ago

    The first season was the best. Bottom line! I paid for HBO for the series. I've canceled it since. Without Bill I won't go back. I hated that they killed him at the end.

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