Do you agree with putting 'In God We Trust' on patrol vehicles?

  • geedaddy001 - 4 years ago

    I am proud of those who support the '"IN GOD WE TRUST" bumper stickers. I'm sharing this i nfo with my family and friends.I'm asking to passs it on.

  • geedaddy001 - 4 years ago

    I am proud of those who support the '"IN GOD WE TRUST" bumper stickers. I'm sharing this i nfo with my family and friends.I'm asking to passs it on.

  • geedaddy001 - 4 years ago

    I am proud of those who support the '"IN GOD WE TRUST" bumper stickers. I'm sharing this i nfo with my family and friends.I'm asking to passs it on.

  • Ricky - 5 years ago


    To answer your question yes,,,,but we need to be honest and remember it will be fucking again. You are awesome! Don't you remember how we met? The adult book store in the King-Dong section? Shame on you!

  • Tiffany Fitzgerald - 5 years ago

    I always thought "Shit Happens" should be over the back tag. That way it was seen leaving a call. LOL. But seriously, part of your problems in society today is that everybody try's to be up everybody else's business. The other problems come from our over sensitive, overly political correctness. We as a society have become so worried about what will or will not offend the minority that the majority are being trampled on. Some teenager is anatomically a male but screams and cries to be allowed in the girls locker room because of his "sexual identity"? This is just one example of many. The South is predominantly Christian. So once again the majority must hide their beliefs so a minority doesn't get offended? To those offended I would say,
    "If this is your biggest problem with our government, be it local or federal...If you are more concerned with 4 words found on the currency you use being on a government car...then you need to wake up and read a newspaper or get a better education. Your NC tax dollars are being used to fund the Charlotte Orchestra yet your other more important State entities are getting cut. Your military is getting downsized yet Middle East refugees are going to be funded to be your neighbor. Do your research on the problems other countries already have with this. To dumb it down, determining refugee from terrorist, ISIL from Sunni, would be like trying to decide who is Catholic or Baptist." I found K.A.T.N. on shoulder patches offensive but you know what? I had a family to support, kids to feed, bills to pay, and I was more concerned over the effects of the Free Trade Agreement, FMLA, and the world my children are going to have rather than what a local sheriff wanted on his shoulder or "on his vehicle". Get with the program people, you all have a lot more to worry about federal and state level than what a County Government puts on county cars. Want to be offended by those 4 words? Then request to be paid in yen and start trying to spend that in our county because the way our deficit is going Asia will soon own us anyways.

  • K - 5 years ago

    Just a reminder, the Founding Fathers were not Christians, they were deists. Also, the phrase "In God We Trust" did not show up until 1864, when it began appearing on coins. It did not become the national motto until 1956, during the height of the Red Scare, and that is also when it began appearing on all of our currency. Basically, the US was trying to distance itself ideologically as much as possible from the Soviet Union, who promoted atheism (lack of any religious belief) officially.

    This usage hasn't been tested in court yet, so that is why it remains. However, there are many Americans (including myself) who believe that it violates the Establishment Clause of the US Constitution, in which the government is not supposed to endorse or give preferential treatment to any religion. There are many, many people in the USA who are not Christian - whether they follow a different religion, or no religion at all. Their interests need to be looked out for just as much as those of Christians need to be looked out for, and the only way to do this is for our government to remain secular. We, the people, can continue to believe or not believe however we choose, and the government as an institution can continue to operate toward the best interests of all of the citizens without any religious mentions.

    To that end, this phrase shouldn't be appearing on government vehicles, or anything else government-related. And please be respectful and don't have a knee-jerk reaction of "if you don't like it, then leave", because the USA is the home to many kinds of people, and we all need to be represented - not just one particular subsection.

  • Gene - 5 years ago

    Yes, it is your right to worship whoever you like or worship nothing at all. America was founded on Christian beliefs and the liberal scum has done their job in shutting out fact. But the tide has changed and Americans are tired of our corrupt government and political correctness. We need to get back to morals and principles that made our nation great. If you dont like the US returning to our core values......then there are options for you out there. I applaud the sheriffs dept. for this bold and righteous move!

  • Sara - 5 years ago

    Apparently everyone has forgotten that we immigrated(fled is probably a better word) from England to escape religious persecution; exactly what many on this feed are so eager to do to others.

  • Mark Johnson - 5 years ago

    It is America.....We are a nation founded on belief in God....If that is a problem.....then you are free to go.

  • caleb james - 5 years ago

    Okay here is my opinion on this I vote yes because I am a believer in Jesus Christ and if you are in america you live in one nation under god Its our pledge of alliegence so if you say it and don't believe what are you soon here ? If you have a problem with my religion you can contact me at 3364259553 and I'll be glad to give you my address!

  • Jamie - 5 years ago

    Fox 8 I have missed this soooo much!!!! Perfect timing to bring back the comment section during a Davidson County story.

    Ricky, are you asking to fuck me??? I'm assuming you are a guy so wanting to have sexual intercourse.....yes I know that's a big word....fucking with another guy is a sin, right???? My friend you really are struggling to follow the words of the bible. Oh, long as you're happy with your profanity hate riddled world carry on.....and no, I nor anyone else girl or guy with more that three teeth will not fuck you.

  • Sara - 5 years ago

    Buddha is not an Islamic concept. Your Christian ethics are stunning & your grasp of the written word could make Jesus cry.

  • Nate - 5 years ago

    Welcome to the south. Home of hypocrites that are religiously intolerant . Everyone has the freedom of religion per the constitution....except that freedom seems to only extend to Christians.....Well done you cat piss beer drinking ignorant southerners. I fail to see how freedom of religion turned into freedom if you agree with Christianity. I agree with Sara, if you put Allah, Buddha and Spaghetti Monster on the back, then that's fine. Southern Christians give religion a bad name. Only in America can a religious pastor justify $30 million planes and mansions to live in while preaching help the poor.....JUMP OF A CLIFF!

  • Ricky - 5 years ago

    Hey Jamie...I just drank a Budweiser too....and fuck you too

  • Jamie - 5 years ago

    I'm so glad the southern baptist are represented well with Ricky praising Jesus followed by a couple "fucks". Classic Christian right there.

    Robert…..Grice is still in office because no one appropriate candidate has decided to actually campaign against him. Hal Triplet, although…come on Hal, had zero chance, the man at least campaigned years in advance. Someone with tons of energy and passion for Davidson County along with actual law enforcement working experience (Grice, being a reserve officer with Denton PD not working experience) needs to get funding and appropriately campaign for this office.

  • Rick - 5 years ago

    DCSO, let's continue to fight crime in our county and Trust In God to keep all officers out of harm's way!

  • Ricky - 5 years ago

    To Aaron...private funds are none of your business and I won't comment on what a county That I don't live in does with its law enforcement vehicles but if it was I would say praise Jesus! and the lovely sara...if you want to see allah buddha or some other bullshit name on a police car please feel free to relocate permanently to Syria, Iran, Somalia or any other lovely muslim nation, I hear they just love women. Contrary to what the idiot in chief at my White House says we are a Christian nation that ends prayer in the name of Jesus ....please define discrimination and how the name of God on a deputy's car will prevent anyone who lives or passes through Davidson county from calling 911 you fucking idiot...
    Go to hell

  • Robert Gooden - 5 years ago

    I served very proudly with this office, not with grice, even though i dont believe in his methods of deputies being cowards, and scared to death to do their jobs as they should, hell i dont know why he is in office still, but on this on, well im 100 percent on board with him with this one, im from the REAL south, where we are god loving beings, if you dont live god, well you stand before me as an enemy, this IS america, ALL YALL COME HERE AND LOVE MONEY AND RIGHTS, WLL THIS IS OURS!!!!

  • Jon - 5 years ago

    About as lame as David Grice still being in office.

  • John - 5 years ago

    I love the new stickers! But, it won't take long for God hating liberals and atheists to protest and sue. But, Christians should get up and make their vices heard, then get out there and show the love of Christ so that others will want tho hear the life changing message if the gospel. God it's still saving souls, the church just needs to get to work for the Lord and prove our faith to a lost and dying world.

  • Aaron - 5 years ago

    I hope the church and county feel proud of themselves for putting sectarian divisive language on government vehicles, also glad to see another church didn't have better things to throw money at, like the poor.

  • Sara - 5 years ago

    Are they willing to put 'Allah' or 'Buddha' as well as 'God'? I challenge the department to do so and prove their claim to be all inclusive & not discriminate among the religions. Show the community(& the world) what true acceptance looks like.

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