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  • Jamal - 4 years ago

    Thanks Eugene for putting it to vote. The way it has been is good.... some of the postings were longish but some were short. The links (alone) may not have enough "pull" to go for the article or book. That is one point against "Links only" option. The other point is if every link is “a hit" then the number will be overwhelming. I, for one, will miss some just by randomness, or time constraints. Option 2, provides the incentive and the link, but it will be taxing on you.... by having already read the book or the article and now you have to share the "essence" and the "Take away..." with everybody. If there is a way to "rank" the links from 1 (must read) to 5 (you can skip), for example, it might work for most people. It is subjective, but so what....it is YOUR call to judge from your point of view. There is no way the ranking can be unanimous, and it shouldn’t be. Thanks again for such a thoughtful and generous idea.

  • Peter - 4 years ago

    10 posts or e-mails per week is too much. Max one per day or preferably one every second day. Thanks! Peter in Stockholm, Sweden.

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