Would a 20% tax on sugary drinks stop you from buying soda?


  • Mandy P - 8 years ago

    I have an addiction to pop. I have tried to stop but I can't. I drink the diet variety because I have type 1 diabetes (the kind you get as a child due to a compromised immune system. NOT the kind you get from being fat) because of this addiction to sweet foods I will not stop buying pop and sugar free slurpees. They can double or even triple the price and I will still buy these items. This is because an addiction to sugar (or artificial sugar) is more overpowering than an addiction to hard drugs. I NEED to drink pop daily or I have serious withdrawal side effects. This may seem like a joke to some but it is a serious issue for many people. So yes they can go ahead and raise the price but for myself and the thousands across the country like me having to pay a couple extra dollars will not deter us from seeking out and giving in to this addiction.

  • Pam - 8 years ago

    Now that's over doing it... how can anyone enjoy a drink? now to run how ppl should live? Not a good!

  • JennaLynn - 8 years ago

    Sugar is an addiction. People will pay regardless of the price.
    Increasing the price for consumers is not the solution..

  • MD B - 8 years ago

    Consumers should not pay a sugar tax- CORPORATIONS, should. Especially soda pop companies and others that have substituted high fructose, glucose corn syrup ( read the label) for sugar- it's known for increasing diabetes, causing fatty liver, obesity, and kidney failure.

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