Trump v Sanders: Who would win if the election were held today?


  • Lc - 8 years ago

    please not America !!!! America cannot survive another democrat for president especially one is under federal investigation and a known lair the other a nonbelievers in our Lord and a socialist!! Please people think don't vote this time because you want a woman president or that your a democrat or republican please vote for for our county our America she is in so much trouble.We need someone who is going to fight for us and our children and grandchildren please it is sad to think and know America is broken.

  • Carl Williams - 8 years ago

    I hope it is neither of them. I give my FULL SUPPORT to Mrs. Clinton. She says what she wants to do and does what she says. My family has personally been helped by her and her staff in 1995. The rest of what we hear is noise. Bernie's wife is also going to be brought up on charges from when she was president of the college in Burlington Vermont.

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