Who Will Liam End Up With on 'Bold and the Beautiful'

  • jake Dumas - 1 year ago

    and i think that Liam and steffy belongs together and raise Kelly and temporally Douglas until Thomas be stable father and redeemed and forgiving and Liam and steffy have a great chemistry between each other because remember that Liam saved steffy from drowning in the tub and steffy had wrecked the atv four wheeler and bill runed over steffy while steffy was riding on her motorcycle and her just lost phoebe her sister because of rick was driving and to focus on his issues between rick and phoebe’s relationship and Thomas wants to protect his sisters phoebe and steffy and Thomas ain’t no bad person but ridge just said that Thomas can be overbearing and Brooke doesn’t listen to it continue to meddle in her daughter hope’s love life and steffy’s love life and hatred towards Taylor is going way to far and Brooke is a controlling step mother and plus hope was involved with Oliver and Brooke was involved with deacon and Eric and Brooke needs to let things go and whatever happens in the past stays in the past and Brooke did questionable things to have ridge and Stephanie wasn’t haven’t it about Brooke with Thorne and Brooke was involved with Thorne too and Stephanie had tried to stop it and go to the extreme to get rid of Brooke and that is the real truth about bold and the beautiful and Liam and steffy and Wyatt and hope and Thomas and sally spectra is meant to be and that is that jack

  • dixie sigafus - 3 years ago

    I think Steffiy and Liam should be together why make this soap like 20 yrs ago. make them two happy.i probly wont watch anymore if not.

  • sunshine - 3 years ago

    Liam and Steffy should be together with baby Kelly point blank. and If the soaps don't write it that way. I will not be watching bold and beautiful again. Hope has been pretending to be there for the both of them and now that she is pregnant now she want to fight for Liam even though Bill set everything up for Liam to believe that they were sleeping together. Liam is so stupid right now and wishy washy to tell Steffy that no matter what they will be together. Hope and the whole Logan ladies are sneaky and dirty but watch do not play games with Steffy because she Is a bad bad girl in a good way when she wants something she go after it . Hope need to step down.

  • Violet - 5 years ago

    Liam and Hope belong together. They never really got their chance to become husband and wife.Other people always interfered.

  • jake dumas - 5 years ago

    and i think steffy belongs to liam and they will get married and things will be normal again

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