How has the Home Energy Pros network been helpful to you?

Posted 3 years.


  • Alice La Pierre - 3 years ago

    What I enjoy most about the HEP community is the ability to learn from others' experiences in the field, especially if it's a technique or product that failed. no one likes to admit they did something wrong, but in the HEP community, we all understand that every failure is a huge learning opportunity. It's improving the "hive mind", where we learn from each other, and build upon our foundation of building science knowledge, without having to make the same mistake.

    Having this resource available is a huge asset to each of us. Together we continue to improve.

  • Eric Kjelshus - 3 years ago

    There is some 70,000 HVAC persons and some 13,000 home and building inspection in USA and maybe 2 times that outside of USA. Of persons who go to ACI and BPI & HER raters are a very small group. Home Consumer will use this group to find misleading ways to finding real problems. I would like to see more selling and real world SEO, marketing, both ends that makes the phone ring. Here in Kansas City 21 of 29 programs have ended and all are biding on same thing

  • Charles Jones - 3 years ago

    I am a HERS II Rater, in California, and HEP helps me keep up with industry developments.

    Thank you

  • Chris Dorsi - 3 years ago

    I've found that HEP is a good place to hold dialogue with my peers, many of whom use your platform. But for me and the initiatives in which I'm engaged, social media is a numbers game in which I want to reach more than my own inside group. I have often posted similar content (posts, articles, questions, or polls) on HEP, Google Plus, Facebook, and LinkedIn -- with the outcome that I get 95% of all response from certain groups at Linked In.

    I don't think this reflects any shortcoming of HEP. But it does suggest that I should use HEP to get ideas from my friends, and to head for LinkedIn if I want big outside ideas.

    I do post many links to HEP and HEM on our platform (trying to blow some wind into your sails!) and will continue to do so. Maybe you could ask the other 4000+ members to help by also helping to spread the word.

    -- CD

  • Colin Genge - 3 years ago

    We have made numerous postings and support the "Pros" to the extent we can but the number of users is very low making it marginal at best. We occasionally mention the website during our Webinars as a good source for information but would like to find a way to increase usership by 100 times to make it really relevant.

    Not sure how to do that but maybe a consumer section would be useful?

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