Are you in favor of legalizing marijuana in Connecticut?

Posted 3 years.


  • Paul - 3 years ago

    I know someone who never had marijuana in her life. She had beer a few times before though. She is now addicted to oxycontin because the doctors gave her a prescription when she had a few of her teeth pulled. I think they just wanted her to get addicted so she could keep paying up for more pills. I believe the doctors work for those pill companies to get more people addicted and paying them tons of money...It's sad. You could say alcohol is the real gateway drug, not marijuana

  • Mo' money - 3 years ago

    If it means more money for the state coffers, then you can rest assured that marijuana will become legal in Connecticut ASAP! Malloy will make sure of that!

  • susan - 3 years ago

    I think marijuana should be legalized for medical and recreational use. I've used it most of my life I think it is much... safer then alcohol, cigarettes or prescription drugs that have a long list of side effects it has never... caused me to seek stronger drugs like heroine or cocaine. also the state would benefit from all its revenue

  • Richard - 3 years ago

    I used pot a little bit when young and I think It's rediculous to think about people running around high. Your judgment is greatly impaired and no matter what you think in a lot of cases it does lead to bigger and better drugs. That is why I did not conyinue to use it. No different than someone being drunk only I think worse. Rediculous.

  • susan brown - 3 years ago

    I have smoked all my life. I use it for many reasons. If i didnt use it i would be taking alot of different drugs to help with pain and other medical issues. It is not a gateway drug the people that think that are crazy. Most of my friends have smoked all of their lives. We are all hard working people who pay our bills and take care of our families and we smoke pot too. We harm no one !!! Pot is safer than perscription drugs and alcohol !!!!! People walk around all fucked up from alcohol and perscription medication . They go to work and drive their cars all fucked up ,but that is OK. But i have to take a drug test and pass to get a job , but they dont have to get tested !!!! Why dont we just stop testing for pot ? I worked at a place where the supervisor comes in all fucked up on perscritption meds and wine she smells like rotten wine at 7:00 in the morning almost everyday !!! I think that you either test for all drugs or none at all !!!!

  • heather - 3 years ago

    A lot of people starting smoking weed then moved into other drigs BUT a lot of people didnt too. Many people never went beyond weed and some herion addicts never touched weed. Being prescribed pain meds then being harshly taken off without proper care is the reason for the current herion problem. I do not smoke weed but I know many who do and it helps them. They have not crossed the line to other drugs either. We need to focus on helpung pain patience relieve their pain then herion use will go back down.

  • Dopes - 3 years ago

    Check out all the reefer addicts.

  • Ex-user - 3 years ago

    Unbelievably biased "reporting"! Many more heroin addicts started on alcohol than marijuana, according to published studies. Prescription drug abuse is rampant, especially use of pills / capsules stolen from family members.

    Bob Wilson did not present any real evidence, merely parroted the same propaganda that has been around since the movie "Reefer Madness". Showing the mother whose child MAY have started on marijuana and moved on to hard drugs: Always guaranteed sympathy. Never shown: A real recreational marijuana user.

    Why are there so many arrests for marijuana? Think about the relative amounts of money for police to make a buy: A little money per bust for marijuana versus a lot more money to make a cocaine or heroin buy. Result: More arrests for marijuana, raising the statistics for marijuana!

    For the record a.k.a. full disclosure: I smoked marijuana recreationally when I was single and then into my early 30s. Now, in my mid-60s, I have not consumed marijuana in any form for more than 25 years. Never used anything stronger than marijuana or tequila.

  • ianqlouds - 3 years ago

    Wrong claude. You cannot get cancer from vaping Marijuana or having a Marijuana edible. Marijuana actually makes people less likely to "run around and shoot people". Alcohol and drugs like cocaine would mostly likely cause people to commit crimes. Marijuana is a herb, don't put it in the same category as these hard drugs when it is waaaaaaay safer than even alcohol and something like Tylenol or coffee. You can actually die from too much caffeine but no matter how much marijuana you smoke you cannot die. There has been overdoses on Tylenol and other drugs like that. Do you drink alcohol, eat junk food, smoke cigarettes or drink soda? How would you feel if those were illegal? Don't be happy having less rights. People should be able to choose what they want to have as long as they don't hurt anyone or break the law. If they break the law they should go to jail. That is how it is with alcohol too. Drunk people are the most likely to attack or rape or kill someone. Do some real research on Marijuana and the real reason it was banned. Also I have never smoked Marijuana before, I'm waiting for it to become legal in Connecticut to try it. I have medical conditions that don't quality for the Connecticut Medical Marijuana qualifying conditions but in other Medical Marijuana states it does :/ I don't wait to take those poisonous pharmaceutical they want to get me hooked on.

  • H. Lyon - 3 years ago

    Medical studies have shown marijuana to be beneficial as medicine but also a gateway to addictive drugs. We have a crisis in CT with the use of heroin. Why on earth would anyone want to legalize recreational marijuana ? Bad enough we have to deal with DUI on our roadways. I can't imagine what legalizing recreational marijuana would add to that problem. We need to step back and think what we want, would be best for our society. Don't allow legislators to pass this as a way to generate more tax revenue.

  • melanie bradley - 3 years ago

    People against legalizing marijuana use the argument that it leads to heroin use. Well there is a big heroin problem right now in this state and marijuana isn't legal. How many deaths are caused by alcohol and cigarettes, yet they are legal. If marijuana has been shown to have medicinal uses and is now legal for that use, doesn't it make sense that it is not a harmful substance if used responsibly? Plenty of legal substances are misused. Making something illegal doesn't guarantee it will not be misused. If much more addictive substances like alcohol and nicotine are legal then why isn't marijuana? This state desperately needs an income source that doesn't involve taxing the already overburdened residents. I've personally never known anyone addicted to pot. But I have known many people who's lives have been negatively impacted by alcohol and cigarettes which are legal.

  • Dawn - 3 years ago

    Yes it should be legalized! I don't like the way news spins it like it's bad. For 1, that mother who said it leaded to harder drugs. Maybe her son should have gone to seek some help before hand. It sounds like he was depressed. And I have and know so many who have smoked it and it did not lead to harder drugs. No one batted an eye when they legalized tobacco and alcohol. But after it was already available, then they conveniently find out it's dangerous, after so many are already addicted. But oh my if we talk about pot, it's the end of the world! The gov just looks to make money. They don't care about us. They are so against pot because it has been researched. If something were to go wrong (which it wont) they would have no way to cover their buts.

  • Claude - 3 years ago

    I feel Connecticut should not legalize marijuana 95% of your troubled teens are smoking marijuana that are running around shooting people stealing robbing and cannot even continue finishing school people are so strong out there going to the store not even to buy a bag of potato chips if you ever go into a corner store His prophets today or for smoking and they don't tell you the part of the reason why they're so much throat cancer coming from marijuana there is a study that says you have more chances of getting throat cancer from marijuana than smoking cigarettes look it up I am 200% against marijuana and all drugs a drug is a drug is a drug

  • amy - 3 years ago

    This is all BS. Pot isn't the gateway drug. Ask any drug addict, which did you have first, Pot or Alcohol, and I am positive 99.99999% will say they had alcohol first. Alcohol has always been the gateway drug, but God forbid ask all the "Grown-ups" to give up their cocktails. Pot has been victimized by the uptight, right wing nut jobs that had to keep their booze unscathed. That evil weed has taken a really bad rap that it didn't deserve.

  • Daniel Coleman - 3 years ago

    It should be legal in it's true form (no processing from humans). It comes right from the ground and has medicinal purposes. Also, making it legal would remove the criminal element from it. BTW. I do not smoke it.

  • Kevin - 3 years ago

    the benefits are way worth the efforts and education can be given about marijuana so it is not overly used as well as frowning upon use of strong/hazardous drugs!

  • jim m - 3 years ago

    I grew up in the 60 s don't believe pot leads to harder drugs did hard drugs long before I ever smoked a joint had 5 children since then but if people want to smoke the state is looking for taxes right well look no further

  • George McQueen - 3 years ago

    Marijuana isn't bad for you, it's real medicine with a lot of health benefits for a lot of different conditions. Cigarettes, beer and pharma pills are what destroy your body.

  • Alien - 3 years ago

    Seems like Bob Wilson tried to make it seem like Pot is bad. He must be one of those brainwashed people who falls for the lies of the pharmaceutical, alcohol and tobacco companies, trying to make it look bad so that they won't lose business from people buying less of the dangerous alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceutical poison.

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