Who Won the PBS NewsHour Democratic Presidential Debate?


  • Margaret Billard - 7 years ago

    It's so funny to see these debates results. Naturally Bernie is going to get more clicks as his base "live" on the internet. The really hilarious thing is that they "believe" that shows he won; that more Millennials clicked him to a higher number, therefore, he won. LOL! How about going by what was said, who made the more precise and better argument, using facts to illustrate their views and how their goals can be achieved? Who conducted themselves with calm and finesse, that is what you're looking for if you're objectively scoring a debate. I like Bernie, always have, but am increasingly disillusioned with his "one-trick pony" answers, and his history/workings of government and know-how to pass legislation challenged base.

  • Nevin Temple - 7 years ago

    For me, Bernie Sanders won the debate. He continues to illustrate that he is the best candidate involved in this election cycle. He continues to be called a "one issue" candidate, simply because he (like myself) believe that money in politics is the current and most prevalent flaw in our fair democracy. The Republic cannot be democratically elected by its people if it is indentured by money. I thought that while Clinton did perform well, her problem, at least among the younger demographic, is that she still carries the "establishment" by her continued use of Super PAC money. So long as she continues to accept money from Wall Street, the youngest of voters shall always see her as establishment. This combined with her record of being a "hypocrite" (I believe Mrs. Clinton when she says that she supports current issues, but it is not comforting when somebody votes for political convenience.) she continues to lose to Mr. Sanders. If we were to look at both of their current policies, they could help millions of Americans, as opposed to the Republicans who continue their war on other ideas, lifestyles, and cultures. However, So long as Clinton is indentured to the possible investors in her campaign, she may always lose in the eyes of Sander's followers. If Clinton was nominated by the DNC I would support her, but I fear that many others would not in frustration with the political cycle (as of this time when I write, the Super delegates have largely supported Clinton, even in New Hampshire where Mr. Sanders won by a large margin, not very democratic in the Democratic Party. Which frustrates many supporters despite thoughts that if Sanders continues to win they will switch.) While both performed well in the Debate, Sanders wins for me because he showed that he can fight Clinton if he needed too, which he did with several punches and jabs at Clintons "progressiveness". But my fear still grows, whatever the case may be after the primary, we must unite the party and take back the House and Senate.

  • J Young - 7 years ago

    No sense in asking people online who won anything between Sanders and Clinton--they're always going to pick Sanders, whether or not they saw the event and no matter how it went. Nature of the beast. Berniebots are online bullies.

  • Joe - 7 years ago

    Hilary and someone on here claiming to be objective are saying how Bernie is a one issue candidate. You can only say that if you missed watched most of the debate. Hilary won this debate on being aggressive and attacking Bernie, but Bernie won on the issues.

  • margo - 7 years ago

    Viewed objectively and with a thought to effective governing, I think there is no doubt that Hillary "won" - though I hate that everything has to be a contest. Though Bernie is doing a pretty fair job he comes off a bit "Rubio like" in is his replies and sounds more and more like a one-note wonder.

    Hillary's strongest was her closing and gives her a new theme - that of being a all issue candidate with broad experience and knowledge that would make her an all around better president.

    Bernie got flustered when she challenges him, and this is just the beginning of the heavy artillery he will get as he moves on, and would eventually face from the Republicans. So if it isn't able to handle what he got last night he will really not do well when things get tough!

  • Alysssa - 7 years ago

    I thought it was a good debate. In feeling the Bern and to the comment above me, don't lose hope should Clinton get on the ballot. We have to write in Bernie if that is to happen because she is too corrupt and the republicans well....we'll just call them too red. Bernie is our only hope. And the the first comment, Sanders created plenty of change all his years both as a mayor, senator, and before that. He's always been fighting against the issues. And Clinton has been flipflopping quite literally forever. Her most recent views are that of Sanders. She's adopted all his positions and expects us not to notice. Well most people notice, and since you havent, you're blind for her. She is the establishment that can, has already, and will continue to make the rich richer and take money away from we the people. She will continue to ship our money over seas. She will continue to rip apart what we have left of America.

  • Linda Marnik - 7 years ago

    Hillary won big time!! She has the correct solutions and concrete answers. If Bernie wanted change so much--well--he has 38 years of public service to have done that. I for one do not appreciate his comments about our Pres. He always looks so angry and cranky. the 60's are over Bernie!!! Hasn't the establishment been paying your salary all these years!

  • Michael Lakota - 7 years ago

    I'm also "just happy it was a good debate". I was a registered Democrat since McGovern but awhile back dropped the affiliation precisely because of the "Clintonian triangulation". (I voted for Clinton's senate run the first time and for her socialist opponent, Jonathan Tassini the second run.) I have since renewed it for the sole reason of voting for Bernie Sanders, Should Mrs. Clinton prevail in the primaries, I will not hesitate to cast my vote for her and enthusiastically so. She is a godsend compared to any of the Republicans.

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