SPEAK UP: Should Carl Immich be removed as Tubman Terrace manager? YESTERDAY'S: Do you know someone who has gotten the flu this season? 53 YES, 112 NO

  • ratfink - 5 years ago

    i will be at his sentencing, so he can see my face with a big smile on it, . carl immich i had 2 aces up my sleeve and waited quietly for the hammer to fall. you will get what you deserve.....scumbag

  • ratfink - 5 years ago

    has the "board" fired him yet ? I hope the journal keeps up on this story.

  • laughingman - 5 years ago

    As someone who has known this sociopath for years I am finally glad to see the house of cards fall. A wolf in sheeps clothing. Good Christian man..hah. He can't hide behind Jesus and all his lies anymore. He had a few buisnesses in Florida and burned a few people there too. The maximum sentence please.

  • Sally Althemore - 5 years ago

    Too bad nobody was minding the store.

  • jackie - 5 years ago

    I kind of agree with above comments, what kind of question is that? Maybe not fired until proven guilty but at least suspended without pay until the investigation is complete.
    When I was a resident at the complex, Carl was never around to speak with you always got some incompetent young female. Then sometimes you would get a notice taped on the outside of your door that you owe back rent, when in fact I Knew I didn't (putting it in him and his family) pockets had all recipients to prove otherwise.
    I also can remember I was younger when I first moved in there and his first question to me when he meet me was "you don't have a boyfriend who sales drugs do you" SMH I will never forget that. Because me or my boyfriend/husband now has always worked full-time jobs and NEVER was interested in that life style.
    On the other hand he has done, a few good things for the complex, but that was to cover up all the wrong doing! If he was African American this wouldn't even be a question!!! just saying....

  • ratfink - 5 years ago

    carl has been a theif since day 1 when he walked in !!! totally agree maria feaster. what about making a maintenance guy's son write a false letter to the board members only to force the guy to resign ? there is way more than that, but I don't have time for a crook !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Courtney - 5 years ago

    Carl absolutely needs to be removed as manager. He is a thief!!! How is that even a question? He has gotten away with it long enough, he needs to get a job and work for his money like everybody else. What a joke!

  • Maria feaster - 5 years ago

    Carl is not a good landlord. He was never here,,he was always bragging about how much money he had,,we can't even cook outside,,all he was doing was taking the money and spend it on that young girl he moved out of Tubman bought her a brand new car and a house,,he keeps her out of here so no one can see him when his a married man,,she's hiding the rest of the money for him,,anyone that's says he's a good landlord stop lying is not true,,he does not deserve to work here,,his a thief

  • wm willsey - 5 years ago

    you have the worst e-news in the business friday paper on saturday? thats just one problem. you have no problem with billing though.

  • Louis - 5 years ago

    He should be suspended at least and a temporary appointed manager be put in place. If convicted then put in Prison.

  • Tom Frenza - 5 years ago

    Let him keep his job so that he can get more money. We hardly pay any taxes here in NY. I bet he gets a nice fat pension like the crooks in Albany.

  • Peter Doran - 5 years ago

    This has to be one of the dumbest questions yet.

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