Who Won The South Carolina Republican Debate?


  • L DEVAUX - 8 years ago

    reply to B berg. Mr. berg if you have a net worth of 4 Billion then you can call TRUMP a clown. Otherwise, Hillary is the BIG LIE. President TRUMP will be our PRESIDENT! PERIOD.

  • W. Nic - 8 years ago

    Trump won!. He want to make America Great Again. Why would anyone vote against that? Please, no more Bush...

  • S.Maness - 8 years ago

    Sorry for spelling. Jeb should NOT be placed ahead of others unless he really is ahead....NO BUSH


  • S. Maness - 8 years ago

    Why do the Pollsters keep putting Jeb Bush ahead of other who go more votes? WE DO NOT WANT A BUSH!

  • Isabel Maione - 8 years ago

    We feel Mr. Trump is the only one we trust and he will get our country back since Obama has been trying his best to kill our country. We need a man like Trump to stand up for us instead of Obama who wants to help the Muslim Brotherhood take over this country.

  • Al Huggins - 8 years ago

    The Democratic Party won.

  • B. Berg - 8 years ago

    None of these clowns is fit to be elected dog catcher. Hillary won.

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