Who Won the GOP Debate?

  • Mark Bain - 5 years ago

    Ignorance is bliss . Trump will never get past the Democratic machine . Someone with policy experience must get the nod . My vote goes to Rubio after very ' little ' consideration ... Why ? , because the Dems are petrified of him ... good enough for me !

  • Jeff Sullivan - 5 years ago

    I will vote for Trump if he indeed does get the GOP nomination, but for the life of me, I don't know how anyone can believe he won last nights debates. Marco Rubio was far and away the best and makes the best candidate to beat "gasp" Hillary in the November election. I will vote for trump if he wins, but it will only be because I think he would be a better option than Hillary. Hopefully, people wake up and see that Rubio is the most presidential candidate of the bunch!

  • Nando Sabino - 5 years ago

    I'm a Latino and Trump if he stays in the race and gets the nomination then my wife and I will vote for him. I been following Trump since he made the speech at Trump Tower when he announced his bid to run as president of the United States. I had followed him on all his rallies and his one on one interviews with reporters from different networks. I believe in all he says and he does speaks with truth I had noticed that about him. I know he has his strong character but he will make a very good President for he will get things done for this country. He once said he rather stay working in the White House than taking vacations. Now that's is a true President.

  • JR - 5 years ago


  • Steve - 5 years ago

    The only sad thing is people who feel a need to say 'sad' at the end of their inane comments to somehow accentuate their points.

  • Gary - 5 years ago

    Yes, Mr. Trump is bombastic, brash and braggadocio...so what, he is real! NOT scripted, NOT a politician, NOT catering to or beholden to any special interest, lobbyists or SuperPacs.
    Any other candidate will owe favors to donors so if you are going to vote for someone just follow the money not the lies they spew to get elected.
    More than one candidate is backed by billionaires advocating open borders, are you for open borders?
    In closing more than one comment posted here challenges Trump's ability to deal with world leaders and Congress.
    I would respond by giving imperial proof of his accomplishments all over the globe dealing with world leaders negotiating his business interests.
    One does not build a billion dollar empire by not getting along and dealing respectively with other people

  • Bruno - 5 years ago

    Rubio and Bush advanced through composure and content. Trump's responses are too often "trust me, I'll hire the best", that is, when he responds to the question and not a "provocation". Rubio and Bush "trumped Trump" with substance and compassion.

  • Rick Gagliano - 5 years ago

    Trump is the only candidate that speaks the truth. His comments on the Iraq war and 9-11 last night were on point. This morning, Chuck Todd tried to bait him on 9-11, and Trump repeated that W. did NOT keep us safe. 9-11 happened on his watch. Let's take a closer look at 9-11, shall we, Chuck? Let's expose all the lies, all the corruption, all the disgusting behavior by elected (and non-elected) officials from BOTH parties. Is anybody happy with the way things are in this country? Yeah, if you work for the government or collect welfare? Otherwise, the country's been hollowed out by the special interest which have run this country into the ground. If Trump goes into the convention the clear leader and doesn't get the nomination, I assure you there will be a revolution in this country in short order, because we well deserve one. Stop the corruption. Vote for Trump.

  • Cynthia - 5 years ago

    What I'm getting from the Tump supporters in this thread is that his lack of emotional stability and judgment appeals to you. He's running for a very serious, adult job, folks. If you want someone who will "tell it like it is" (read: will be disrespectful and offensive to other heads of state), remember that this is not a reality show to pick the best political talk show host.

  • Bob - 5 years ago

    I'm amazed at the blindness of Trump supporters. Pretty much every pundit and news organization says that it was Trumps worst performance of any of the debates and yet the Trumpeters vote in this poll and say he won the debate. On what planet? Amazing and sad.

  • Justin - 5 years ago

    People get angry when a man is real, they rather hear the nice smooth lines from certain politicians. It's what got us in this mess in the first place. They created an illusion that everything is good but when the dust settled and the smoke cleared the people lifted their eyes to see that our country is in tremendous debt, jobs are leaving, and we were stuck in a war that we shouldn't of been in. I am all for "real talk." Go Trump!

  • Dwayne Pergrem - 5 years ago

    It is difficult to understand how people arrive at the view Trump would do a bad job as President if elected.
    Based on the increasing declines in our economy, our position in World leadership, our debt, our failing infrastructure, etc. during recent decades continuing "business as usual" is actually what appears to be stupid.

  • Glenn Gordon - 5 years ago

    I have not voted in over 25 years but I will be this election as will my wife and two son's . all our votes will be for Trump ! Silent No More ! We the people are GOING to TAKE back our Country !

  • Dr. Cervantes - 5 years ago

    This is a very revealing comment thread. As a Libertarian, I have no dog in this fight but I do find this Trump movement incredibly interesting. I always wonder what is fueling Trump support. And, I always assumed that the support would've died down by now. He makes promises to his supporters that he cannot, constitutionally, keep. The man is obviously wealthy but has no other discernible characteristic. However, it seems wealth is the only characteristic that he needs. Most of his supporters seem to repeat the same phrases with the same line of reason based on certain flawed assumptions. The phrase, "He can't be bought," comes to mind. Because the rapacious heart of a man know no bounds, even a wealthy man can be bought. If you are truly concerned about your President being bought by special interest groups, I would suggest you vote for a principled man. Does Trump fit that criteria? I think not. His supporters assume that because he is wealthy, he has the secrets to economic prosperity and he'll share that with the American people. Unfortunately, Trump doesn't even have a basic knowledge of economics. His speeches are often a splattering of economic fallacies. Like I said at the beginning of my comment, I have no dog in this fight. I also know that I probably won't convince any Trump supporter to change there vote. I actually prefer that you vote for Trump because it will be a disaster for the Republican Party, which will allow a third party to get a foothold in American politics. However, if and when Trump is elected, I would like this to serve as notice to everyone on this site who voted for the man. He is feeding you a bill of goods and you're the only one that seems unaware.

  • sue - 5 years ago

    Marco had a great night! Trumps worst night and its clear to me he is not a conservative based on his rants tonight.

  • Dorrie - 5 years ago

    Trump is part of the 1% everyone is alway slamming! Everyone is always bragging that he's paying his way, so what, should only the super rich run for president now?? Trumps lifestyle is exactly what all his supporters say they hate. How can people be so blind?

  • Sylvia - 5 years ago

    Trump would be a disaster. Jeb Bush definitely won the debate tonight. Rubio and Cruz did fairly well. Trump is just a bad joke.

  • Wayne Honeycutt - 5 years ago

    All polititians are bought by donations and then owe favors! No politicians in White House! Go trump

  • Rebecca Henderson - 5 years ago

    Since the beginning Mr. Trump has been criticized, insulted, attacked, slammed, lied about, exaggerated about what he has said, and flat out made to look like an incompetent individual. This is only because they have felt threatened on every level. He has managed to derail their goals for self indulgence by speaking the truth. I am fed up with all the lies. They have cut off half of everything he has said in order to make it seem as if he said something else. Usually something really bad. Even making it look like he cursed with the "F" words on TV. He never said the word, but the lies keep coming. This is because he cannot be bought like all of the others.

    He has proven he has a great since of business and he is the only one who can turn out nation around. he will fix everything if given a chance. Have you noticed that the American dream is no longer available to Americans? Hillary is making this country into something that will totally destroy what our forefathers fought so hard to build by giving it away and taking it from Americans already here. She will destroy the very fabric that makes this country great.

  • Linda - 5 years ago

    Trump is the only candidate who has any sense,If anyone thinks he is picking on bush ,excuse me all bush does on any question that he is asked is bring in Trump.I live in Fl and all bush did for us during hurricanes is offer water and ice.He is a baby and needs to grow up.His brother was in office for 2 terms and nothing was fixed.And yes he was in office on 9-11. And if you can believe some reports,he knew about threats,and decided to ignore them.Donald Trump did not blame him ,but made a correct statement.But as usual everything he said she is twisted around.Let me warn people,these candidates except for Trump will say anything to get elected,and then listen to everything the donors say.Do you really think Mr.Trump needs this job.If we don't put him in the White House,our country will never recover.

  • Capt. Hook - 5 years ago

    Fox News broadcasters and commentators are really showing their colors tonight by trying to trash Trump and elevate Marco and low low energy Jeb. It is so clear to see who they are working for. Old Jeb sounds like a school boy ( don't talk about my mommy and my brother) what a cry baby.

  • JoAnn - 5 years ago

    You all are seriously crazy voting for Trump. Come on!!!!!!! Are we in the looney bin voting for the leader of the crazies??? Marco Rubio is the CLEAR choice!

  • J.W. Morriss - 5 years ago

    Trump is the only candidate that speaks the truth, and is not bought! !!!

  • Greg - 5 years ago

    Trump is only in it for himself and other rich business men like him. He would make a very good DICTATOR.... Marco knows what it is like to rise up from poverty and what it will take to ("MAKE THIS NATION GREAT AGAIN" to take a quote from the False Prophet) and make this the new American Century. The rest of the field is only looking for a job. If you want a Reagan Conservative in office nominate MARCO RUBIO the only one that can beat HR or BS in November

  • Neil - 5 years ago

    After watching Fox News interview Donald Trump and tell Mr. Trump that some people say that he doesn't give specific answers about how he would do things if elected. Well Fox News we know y'all are in the tank for Rebio and old no energy Jeb Bush. I am watching Jeb get soft ball questions from Briet Bear and Jeb just put me to sleep watching him. Jeb can't even carry his own state. Marco, Cruz, Jeb and Kasich will do just like Obama and flood this country with people from other countries because they are all bought out by the chamber of commerce. Donald trump owes no one anything and he has said what he would do with Muslims and Mexico's.

  • John Harman - 5 years ago

    I am Independent but mostly have voted Democratic. Trump is for real and has my support. My Gramps (RIP) called all politicians "Educated Fools. The first thing they all do is vote themselves a raise"

  • jasy - 5 years ago

    Now i can say ive watched grown men act like children...

  • Neil hooks - 5 years ago

    Donald Trump does not have to watch what he says because he owes no one anything. Jen bush and all the others can only target the other candidates because they owe Wall Street and so many others because of the where they get their support. Jeb Bush is a very poor candidate along with John Kasich. Both liberals. Donald Trump all the way to the White House.

  • Sdurkin - 5 years ago

    Live in FL now when Jeb was gov here n he ruined the economy, education, n healthcare here we r still digging out of. Ask him what kind of jobs he got here: service jobs at less than poverty level wages requiring only bilingual apps need apply. Only interested n keeping his shop-lifting thieving wife out if jail. We don't forget....no more pac-politicians, trump or no one here in FL

  • Hector Morales - 5 years ago

    Gotta love trump

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