Do elected officials deserve the raises they gave themselves? (Poll Closed)

  • Yes
    518 votes

  • No
    373 votes


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  • Anonymous - 4 years ago

    How do they deserve the raises when half the time they aren't doing anything until it gets close to election time.

  • Sara Similes - 4 years ago

    Absolutely NOT!

  • We will remember - 4 years ago

    I've saved the names of the 6 greedy senators and sending it to all my family and friends. I'll ensure they remember who not to vote for next election.

  • jack spicer - 4 years ago

    lol at mayors working harder. lets be real, your staff does all the work.

  • Tom Cuz da real - 4 years ago

    No hope for Guam since ever since Lana day

  • Islander 2 - 4 years ago

    The 3 most corrupted senators I know of Tina Muna Barnes , Rory Respicio and Dennis Rodriguez , the others like Brant McCreadie , Morrison and Tony Ada are just idiots who don't know what the hell they are doing except receive a fat paycheck . The 3 amigos Barnes , Respicio and Rodriguez need to go ! They are pretty much in it for themselves now and only there to help benefit their interests . Greedy , Selfish and Corrupt with a large heaping spoon of nepotism ! Lol !!! Thanks a lot Gov Guam ! F.B.I please investigate these fools also look into Gov Calvo's Money trail . Tao Tao Steal our money Hao !

  • GEORGE - 4 years ago

    is tony ada mute? he doesn't say anything, maybe give him a breath mint. $85.000 dollars to sit and say/do nothing? hell I can become a senator too.

  • Mayors Work HARDER - 4 years ago

    ONLY the frontline deserve it - the Mayors and Vice Mayors!

  • Nope. - 4 years ago

    The officials that actually work their butts off should get the money, but not the ones who sit on their asses and don't do anything

  • John - 4 years ago

    Yes they do!...Don't you see them at funerals and rosaries? Come on Guam!

  • chelsea - 4 years ago

    That money should go to the communities !
    Road work, street lights, security, and education!!

  • Concerned citizen - 4 years ago

    Guam residents have no other recourse but to vote out all Senators this coming election. I'm not sure about the rest of residents, but I've reached my breaking point in total dismay with the Administration, Legislators, and the AG. Guam will be next to file for bankruptcy after Puerto Rico. Life here then will be intolerable.

  • BOTA - 4 years ago

    No freakin' way. It's election year so make your voice/opinion by voting for a total change.



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