how do you do your bottom?

  • Rhonda hyatt - 5 years ago

    I purchased a bidet toilet seat for my new home. Love it! Can't seem to break away from the TP habit though. I do find I'm not always as clean as I'd like after a poo ideas?

  • John Dobyns - 5 years ago

    What is "other"?!

  • Upendra - 6 years ago

    And imagine how much wood we will save if he entire world resorted to using the Indian tumbler and water or the faucet

  • Jess - 6 years ago

    For the other "other" voters, I am interested to know what your "other" is. My "other" is Pristine Cleansing Sprays. Another option, a compromise, for those who desire the cleanse of a bidet but are on a single-ply budget. Its a portable spray you can spray directly onto toilet paper transforming the toilet paper in to a instant - actually biodegradable - wet wipe. The world of bathroom hygiene is apparently more diverse than some may know. The question of bidet or adult wipe may become as antiquated as "coke versus pepsi".

    Check it out -

  • Cs - 6 years ago

    $1200? You can buy one you put right under your current seat and any ninny can attach it to the water source right there at the toilet. They sell them on Amazon for as low as $25...

  • Kelley - 6 years ago

    I have an adult handicapped daughter. Adult wipes are a MUST to keep her clean. Toilet paper has shrunk in size and I prefer my hands to stay clean when tending to her. Gloves aren't always convenient or available when needed. Baby wipes are too small too, though I do buy them in a pinch, so adult wipes it mostly is (and I am not foolish enough to buy them individually wrapped, but by the case. I also have enough common sense to NOT flush them.) As I live in the Desert Southwest, water comes at a premium. I will continue to use adult wipes (or baby wipes, despite their small size, when the others aren't available) no matter what the authors of this article say. They aren't in my middle-aged shoes, for sure.

  • Sudeep - 6 years ago

    I think the writer has missed the point in this article. How about "why" are people using wipes? I would never have thought of using them had toilet paper stayed usable. I used to buy a certain soft brand that changed, as everything I seem to buy does, and I could not find anything soft enough anymore. Who wants to have a raw, hurt bottom? Not me. I use toilet paper the finish the process with a baby scent less wipe which I put in the bathroom trash and NOT down the toilet. I hate using these things because of all the reasons in the article but they work! And don't hurt!

  • Diane Cartwright - 6 years ago

    Dr. Hulda Clark has a recipe to make your own wipes out of toilet paper or paper towel (100% recycled please): People Wipes

    % tsp. powdered lysine

    % tsp. vitamin C powder (you may open capsules)

    % cup vegetable glycerin

    1 cup water



    Prepare wipes by cutting paper towels in quarters. Use
    white, unfragranced towels that are strong enough to hold up
    for this use. Fold each piece in quarters again and stack in a
    plastic zippered baggy. Pour the fluid mixture over the stack
    and zip. Store a bag full in the freezer to take on car trips. If you
    want to keep them a month or more, add 1 tbs. grain alcohol to
    the recipe.

    For bathroom use, dampen a roll of paper towels under the
    cold tap first. Then pour about l A cup of the mixture over the
    towel roll around the middle.

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