Do you support changing the presidential debate format?


  • Richard Hanlon - 6 years ago

    We need specific solutions offered by canidates. Then see if they ever follow through with them once elected. Campaign promises are easily stated but rately come to fruision.

  • Renee Flower - 7 years ago

    A change in debate format is a very welcome proposal. However, the sample resolution you suggested -- “bigger government won’t solve our problems” -- would be highly problematic unless the term "big government" is very clearly and completely defined in context with its use. If the term "big government" can be defined in relation to how it is currently used in politics, then the debate might shine some much needed light on the differences between the Democratic and Republican candidates. May I suggest that the term Big Government is used by right wing politicians to obfuscate their true goals.

  • Julie Stroeve - 7 years ago

    The League of Women Voters did the presidential races a great service; but corporate interests took over the media, and ratings and revenues rather than substance is now the M.O. Would love to see the return of Lincoln-Douglas style debates.

  • Larry Ospa - 7 years ago


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