SPEAK UP: Should veterans be granted school district tax exemptions? YESTERDAY'S RESULTS: Do you struggle to pay medical expenses? 99 YES, 99 NO

  • Johnny b. - 6 years ago

    The veteran exemption is based on the degree of severity of injury or illness which is defined as service connected. Most veterans gave up 3-4 years of their earning potential to serve their Country. Those that received a 190%rating will only make approx $34,000.00 a year from the VA. They will not ever be able to receive social security benefits because they didn't earn the 16 quarters. So with that minimal income they will attempt to live a fruitful life. Buying a home is out of the question on that income. So, those of the other 99% of the population that didn't serve in a combat role, has an additional 3 years of earning, and will have social security benefits, why, because the veteran served in his or her place!

  • Jessica Percopo - 6 years ago

    Please ACSD board make the only fair and right decision! Give the veterans what they deserve and have earned with their service to our country. It is scary to think where would be without them! I feel you are making this your personal agenda. Not a good example for your taxpayers or your students. I am not afraid to put my name! Stop this know and do the right thing.

  • Mel stehley - 6 years ago

    Thinking man, if you are a vet you well know how disabilities are determined. So why ask that question? your remarks are convoluted!!! Are you trying to confuse the issue for our tax payers? If so I am pretty sure I know why! This is a very simple issue, give the vets the exemption the other vets are getting in 13 school districts in Dutchess. Are you afraid to put your name & why???

  • Thomas Wohlrab - 6 years ago

    "Thinking man" I must agree with another poster. When I read your post re: your friend with diabetes and litigation, I too thought you were belittling his service connected disability. If you were a veteran you SHOLD know diabetes is a presumptive disease go agent orange. There will be no litigation of that claim with the ACSD or the VA. If he had boots on the ground in Vietnam and he has diabetes it is an automatic win for him. If you really want to help your veteran, as one vet to another, bring him to the next Board meeting and introduce him to me. I am a service officer and I do claims for veterans on behalf of the Disabled American Veterans. WE are not the enemy of you, the BOE or the residents of ACSD. We just remember what we learned in Basi and AIT "leave no one behind".

  • Army Vet Andy - 6 years ago

    "Thinking Man" is false advertising. His thinking is ignorant: His tone suggests that his VietNam Vet neighbor is filing a frivolous claim. For his information, diabetes is one of the diseases caused by Agent Orange. If his neighbor was exposed, I wish him luck with his claim. The VA determines disabiity ratings and that system has nothing to do with this issue. Vets aren't going to be suing the Arlington school board over their disability ratings.

  • Richard Rivera, USAF (Ret.) - 6 years ago

    FYI, Diabetes is a secondary condition to exposure of Agent Orange, which only after extensive medical exam and lab work, a VA Dr. will make the final determination as to service connection or not. Please understand that Agent Orange also leads to Cancer and Death. The ultimate price for YOUR FREEDOM. $26.00 is a small price to pay for it.

  • Mark Baaden - 6 years ago

    Thinking Man, if you have been attending the same meetings I have then why have you never taken advantage of the Public Comment to openly share your views? The only opposition that spoke were later revealed as two PTA co-Presidents who were enlisted by the controlling members of the school board to speak against this. Were you there for the non-Vet who was at the board meeting for another matter and yielded his time to discuss that he owns four homes in Arlington and that giving combat and disabled Vets this break was a "no brainer" for him? The Vet friend that you speak of struggling with Military service connected diabetes will never have to litigate with the school board regarding a VA determined disability rating. You would know that already since you claim to be a Vet. The VA determines the medical treatment and disability level that your friend receives and not the school board. Litigation can only involve your friend and the VA since they have to treat him. Since Vets don't leave each other behind, please introduce yourself to us at the next board meeting. I mean that sincerely. If there is anything that we can do for your Vet friend struggling with service connected diabetes and the undue stress of having to worry about litigating with the VA for his disability than consider us drafted to help in any way that we can. That's who we are. We don't eat our own. A Vet would know that already. A Vet would also know that the Constitution that we took an oath to and the civilians that we swore to give our lives to defend against all enemies foreign and domestic should be allowed to vote on this issue. We trust our fellow Arlington residents to vote and can accept their yes or no vote on this issue. The school board is denying our fellow citizens that right and making this contentious. A thinking man would ask why would they want to do that?

  • Thinking Man - 6 years ago

    I am not an Arlington board member, just a mere Arlington resident. My comment about approval of the exemption stems from a friend of mine whose husband, a Vietnam veteran, has diabetes and is claiming that as a disability due to his service in the military. There will be potential arguments about that and that may lead to litigation. I also attend the same board meetings that everyone here seems to know so much about, and I have yet to see any discussions like those mentioned here about Medicare Part B. To me it seems that people want to be experts about things and belittle those who have differing opinions.

    Oh, I should also mention that I am a veteran as well.

  • Donny b - 6 years ago

    Thinking man, you need to try harder! Your thinking cap has slipped! My 14 year old could figure out a VA doctor determines if a vet is disabled and what the level of disability is. Litigation? What are you talking about??? No surprise you didn't put your name, your diatribe is embarrassing! Everyone should know the Arlington school board has been pitting taxpayers against veterans! These same taxpayers should know the board has been overtaxing them for years and I am not talking about a measles $26 a year!

  • Thomas Wohlrab - 6 years ago

    I am a veteran and I have attended the Board meetings at ACSD. I went with an open mind, to hear all sides and clear up any misconceptions of any participants. I am appalled at the manner in which the Board and Kelli Lappan has handled this entire event. She speaks of respect as if the veterans have been disrespectful. I guess in her mind if you do not become one of her bobble heads you are being disrespectful. The truth of the matter is she and the Board have been nothing but disrespectful to the veterans. When you openly distort the truth or twist it or lie right to the face of another, it shows an arrogance and and character flaw of the person. Kelli Lappan, has looked the veteran in the eye, and residents and purported to be telling the truth about the cost of this exemption, if approved to the non veteran. Well after she was confronted with the real figures, she changed her position. It then became, we can't redistribute a tax exemption to a tax increase to others. The veterans then disclosed a little secret the BOE has been doing for years. They have been giving an additional tax break to another group and having the other non participants picking up the tab. So, that argument is no longer valid. Then they changed their mind and talked about the 2% tax cap. When it was disclosed the exemption wouldn't impact the cap or the amount of state money they changed their position again. All the veterans have asked for, was please let the community hear the issue and decide by a vote. The BOE said no and Kelli Lappan said, on the record, "we don't care what the public wants, we know what is best". Really Ms. Lappan? Several of the veterans stood up and said, they'd pay the minimal increase to those district residents that truly couldn't afford the increase if it was approved. Thank you Poughkeepsie Journal for bringing this issue out to the public and doing a fair polling of residents feelings. It is evident from the poll that the residents do not mind the extra .17 a day in order to give the veterans a break. In addition it now comes out that the BOE keeps maxing out the 2% tax cap rather than cutting cost, isn't that another form of redistribution? The give volunteer firemen increase in pensions! They approve their own benefits package getting benefits after one term. They give themselves a benefit of getting back monies paid into Medicare part b. The bottom line is Kelli Lappan controls the Board and pulls the strings of many of the Board members . Kelli Lappan has been on the Borad too long and needs to be replaced. She has her own agenda and that is to make sure the veterans do not get the exemption. That is the truth.

  • Mark Baaden - 6 years ago

    Thinking Man AKA ACSD school board member. I have a pretty good idea why you would not put your name in your post because it would show how silly you are and how concerned we should all be in your control over 130 million dollars of our money. Yet you have survived for years on our school board. You already know the answers to the questions that you would like the public to be confused by. 1) The VA determines the disability rating. You know the same Fed agency that takes up to years to determine it after they get the Vets into the medical system. 2) Monitoring abuse, you already know the answer to this. The disabled Vet has to get a rating from the VA and turn it into their town tax assessor. That's where you draw your data in where to determine the school taxes for all of Arlington homeowners. 3) Litigation, what are you talking about? A disabled Vet can't sue the school district because they don't like their tax break. It's determined by the rating that the Feds have given them. I have some questions now. Have you ever actually voted down a tax increase for all of the taxpayers? Have you ever voted against anything that Kelly Lappan wanted in the budget? Have you petitioned NYS like the Vets have to get them to pay for the tax break? Have you recommended just putting the Vet Tax break in the school budget within the 2% cap so that no Arlington taxpayer has to pay extra than you will already be whacking them for this year and every year that you have been on the board? Have you considered term limits for school board members? Have you done any research with how other districts are doing since passing the disabled Vet Tax break? Your board president, Kelly Lappan hasn't and admitted to it on the record. The Vets have been more than willing to meet with you and the board to answer your questions anytime. It is you and the school board that is weakly attempting to paint a false narrative of pitting Vet against non-Vet here. It's despicable and it's failing. If Arlington managed the school budget like you would manage your personal checkbook than this law of a disabled Vet tax break wouldn't even have to exist. If school boards were not jumping the shark with greed and double digit tax increases before the mandated 2% cap of 2011 nobody would have to ask for a tax break. However, you Sir have been part of the problem for a long time and now you ask questions and attempt to spread confusion on the issue in order to survive politically. Even if the disabled Vets in Arlington don't get the tax break this issue has awoken our fellow citizens to what exactly is the school board doing. You don't want them to be able to vote on important issues because you feel it would reduce your power as a board to rule over us. You are our neighbors in this community and not our trustees. You work for us as elected officials instead of seeing us as a piggy bank to follow your orders. You as a board have lost your way and your mission to serve. The Vets know service and have become tuned in to what empire building and personal agendas are for having to endure this humility and beg your board to give them a break under the law. It's shameful yet we do not know surrender. If we surrendered than we would still be under British rule or even speaking German as our national language. Let my fellow Arlington residents vote. You ask them to vote for you to hold onto your elected office every three years so why are you afraid to let them vote on how their money is being spent?

  • Eileen stehley - 6 years ago

    Notice!! All the nasty comments don't put their complete name! Yes give vets what they earned!!'

  • Eileen Q S - 6 years ago

    This school board is a disgrace!!! They didn't even care enough to check other districts in Dutchess who give the exemption to find out the impact in those districts. Ms Lappan was asked this question and responded that"no I didn't check" She has also done nothing to help the cause where the state would pay this money and she is on the state board!'. She has made it clear the veterans mean nothing to her, just an annoyance.

  • Suzi - 6 years ago

    Seems like the Arlington school district PTA is working hand in hand with the school board trying to ensure the veterans don't get the exemption. At the January school board meeting Ms Donahue co president of the PTA said "vets should stand on their own 2 feet and stop asking for handouts". If you want to hear her words go on the schools web site!!! Such a nasty and unkind remark.

  • Mel - 6 years ago

    The president of Arlington school board needs to rethink this and do the right thing. Give the vets the exemption they earned! It is such a small thing compared to the benefits the teachers & retirees get in your school district. You are giving veryyyy negative attention to your district. "Power corrupts and absolute. Power corrupts absolutely!!!

  • Navyman - 6 years ago

    All Veteran records on Dutchess County Geo Access online for property exemptions currently be used for Town and County Taxes will be automatically moved over the ACSD tax records. Minimum level is 12000/8000/40000 tax break.. This means the most a vet would see at 100% disabled is about 1200 dollars off of their ACSD taxes when approved.

    Are you also aware current fire district commissioners have voted and most have approve retirements for those who volunteer? Gov approved this and with the Veteran Tax Break. I do not read or hear all of you taxpayers on here complaining about the costs added to cover this retirement for Volunteer Firemen? It could add up to 550 a month or 7500 dollars a year.. This is more that the Veteran tax break..

    No one on hear talks about the BOE in ACSD giving full individual medical retirements for life and then reimburses Medicare Part B costs which add 1200 dollars the taxpayers are paying for. Time to cut costs..

  • A Thinking Man - 6 years ago

    How will disabilities be defined? Who will be monitoring and checking to make sure this system won't be abused? Will there be litigation if there is disagreement between parties? This needs to be decided as well. This could end up costing taxpayers more in attorney fees and a dedicated employee checking credentials. Are these costs included in the "$26" extra cost to non veterans? It seems that we need more details before a vote is taken. Anytime a governmental agency does something it always costs more than initially projected. Once these exemptions are granted, they will never be removed so that this could potentially get ugly as the population continues to leave the state. More information needs to be forthcoming before I can make an informed decision. Let's use our heads and not our gut feelings. Many veterans that have come before us have paid the school taxes through the years. This will become "unfair" to some who might seek to recover their "lost" money. There are too many things unsaid in this article. Let's take this slowly and think things through. This is too emotionally charged right now. All these knee jerk reactions will just make others bear the financial and emotional costs of this program. Is it really worth pitting us against one another? We all made our choices in life and the board of ed should do everything in their power to make school taxes affordable for everyone. As the student population decreases, why do we see an increase every year? Giving tax exemptions to some at the expense of others does not seem just, no matter who the special group. Just my 2 cents.

  • Nicole F - 6 years ago

    The school board has stalled approving a tax break for Vets for 3 years. Wappingers approved it in 2014 and has more disabled Vets and as the article states and they have had no issues from it. They are under the same 2% tax cap that Arlington is. Perhaps it's because Kelly Lappan (on school board since 2002) and Ed McCormick (on school board since 1990's) recruit and run the Arlington school board. They were the same folks telling you to pay double digit school tax increases before the 2011 cap. They both are also on the NYS school board association. The only opposition that has publicly spoke at a school board meeting about this are 2 co-presidents of the Arthur S. May school PTA. You know, the same folks that call you during dinner ever May to ask you to vote yes for the school budget. I prefer my PTA to not be lobbyists for the school board and stick to their mission to help and enable our great teachers in Arlington. Here are the qualifications to be a school board member under NYS rules: "School board candidates must be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old, qualified voters in the school district and able to read and write. They must be residents of their districts continuously for one year (as little as 30 days or as long as three years in some city school districts) before the election." No expertise required in budgeting or education. Stunning considering the Arlington school board controls nearly a 200 million dollar budget of our money. So to the naysayers on this issue I would ask; do you trust 9 of your fellow Arlington residents on the school board of mixed qualifications with how your tax money is spent or do you trust yourself by casting your vote? You go ahead and ask to vote on this matter or be resigned with trusting Kelly Lappan who has a self interest in running school boards locally and at State level with your money. The Vets fought for that right for you to vote and can accept your selection. Otherwise you must be okay with that Kelly Lappan school board is denying you a right to vote. Don't be the school board's obedient sheep. They will only ask you to give a lot more annually than disabled Vets get for a tax break. Have some courage and advocate alongside the Vets you're right to vote! By the way you can always ask the school board to simply build this cost into their 2% as other boards have done so nobody pays more. However, Arlington is greedy and will go to the 2% cap every year until they are allowed to go further as has been their recorded history.

  • Concerned - 6 years ago

    What happens when I sell my 4 bedroom house to a disabled veteran with 5 kids and I move somewhere more affordable? That is what will happen when I am required to subsidize other people's tax bill.

  • Donny C - 6 years ago

    7cents a day people. I can't believe anyone would say no!!!! Our veterans are not worth 7 cents a day?? Sad, sad and just shameful! Have any of you no voters thought where this country would be without veterans and our active military and nationalGuard!!! Frightening to even think that!!!

  • Jessica bergeron - 6 years ago

    Found on the Facebook site for Arlington central school district. It costs us $18,286 to educate an Arlington student. The national average is $11,927. Where is this money going and why is the Arlington school board looking for more money??? Some explaining needed ms Lappan!! I think 10 years is too long, we need some new blood!

  • Susan gaita - 6 years ago

    Yes they deserve it. Does everyone realize we are talking about 7cents a day to taxpayers. Better still let Lappan cut costs on her budget to accomplish this!

  • Eileen stehley - 6 years ago

    IYes, yes, yes give them what they earned. it wasn't for our veterans we wouldn't have the right to vote. They have done so much and ask for so little. The no voters should visit the castle point va hospital and they would be ashamed of themselves for their nasty remarks. Thank you all veterans for keeping us safe. You deserve the same right to the tax exemption as the 13 school districts in Ditchess county that are receiving the it. Their taxpayers have shown they respect and honor our vets!'

  • Richard Rivera, USAF (Ret.) - 6 years ago

    I fully understand that times are hard, but I cannot believe the disrespect being shown towards my fellow Veterans. Veterans are not asking for a handout as some of your writers are claiming. They are asking for the opportunity to live a respectful life in the community based on their Honorable service to our Great Nation, State, County, and community. Those who suffer from combat injuries and trying to adjust to their situation that does not let them locate and/or maintain employment, the small cost of approving the exemption is the least we can do to show our respect and appreciation for their service and sacrifice. I'm sure every home owner is willing to give up 1 extra large pizza per month to cover the cost of the exemption. Not to mention the health benefits from doing so. To the other 8 school board members', I suggest you dig deep down in your soul and not not let your self be intimidated by the Board President to not support letting the tax payer vote on the tax exemption. This is still the United States of America where we have the Freedom of speech and the right to Vote. Let the People speak and vote. Thank you to my fellow Veterans for your service.

  • Dani p - 6 years ago

    Would everyone's answer change if they knew their portion of the school taxes would be increased as a result? The state isn't going to make up the difference so everyone else's school taxes will go up to keep the veterans taxes down. I think the board should do more to make people aware that that is why they are voting no, to keep taxes equal rather than have one group subsidize another.

  • Stanley J Klepeis - 6 years ago


    Let's face it school tax payers. You pay for school tax weather you have kids or not; You pay for school tax even if your kids are out of school. So, is it right to continue to pay school tax for other peoples kids on and on and on? You all know it's a bottomless pit. The debt is there as long as you have a dwelling or property.
    Veterans too are paying and paying this seemingly eternal education debt. So don't say we veterans are asking for a handout when we too have a education debt that can never be paid up. We, like none veterans are paying for kids education after our kids are finished with school. Isn't this taking from Peter to pay Paul? I think so.
    The impact of a veterans school tax exemption has been shown to be a very small increase to the average taxpayers; Roughly $26.00. Considering the Veteran will pay and pay for other kids education, I do not think giving him a break for serving our country and living with service connected disabilities is to much to ask.

  • The right of passage - 6 years ago

    Veterans deserve an exemption many come back to live in the State they have lived their whole childhood. But many comeback unable to work a normal job as many citizens do on a daily basis, this is when a veteran has injuries from combat visible or not, and many of those brave servicemen and servicewomen now are forced to live on a fixed income because they are deemed unfit to work. We have many entitlements from Dutchess county that allow veterans to have exemption on property tax, so ACSD should look at how that works to help them create the system properly. I see many people write veterans don't deserve an exemption well I am sorry that these men and women had the courage, honor and commitment to protect the right we have of freedom of speech. That is saying "Senior Citizen doesn't deserve one either." I am sorry when someone has the attitude of service to his or her country this shouldn't be a question. I think the whole thing needs to be structured all the way down give certain percentage to each veterans who fits a criteria. You know no matter what for some reason ACSD budget goes up all the time, so why can't this be implemented into the budget. If you take $26 dollar and divide it up by 365 days in the year really not getting creamed in taxes, I think the budget itself creates more of a burden on your pocket. I heard this school speak of education, education, education, and education, well you look at the athletic side of this school many of us had to buy our equipment while we attended any school back in the day. Secondly we have a ton of coaches on our football team, sorry folks the marching Band brings home more trophies, so why not cut down spending on a privilege given to the student of playing a sport because it's not the first thing that you are going to school for. I am not saying to take away sports but structure it the right way we aren't the NBA, NFL, MLB, or some big time University at ACSD. Thirdly, the money spent on Education where is it, we haven't to my knowledge implemented any computer programming course which the President of this country has been pushing for, kids are on their cell phones during classes, kids from what I have heard our out of control and teachers are afraid to say anything because of the parents aren't teaching their kids discipline at home. I remember my time at ACSD no cellphones were allowed! until after 2:10. This goes to show why the education ACSD BOE praises to really isn't there. These veterans have done and seen many things to protect this "Free" country, have been hurt whether visible or not. This country hasn't taken care of many veterans for decades look at the epidemic with WWI,WWII, Vietnam, and finally 2014 veterans finally are being treated. So really this country focuses on other issues than the one internal of our borders. Remember a student in that school can be a Veteran as well, someone we know closely or from a distance . So I think the least that could be done for 7 cents for 365 days will equal to or about 24 to 26 dollars, I think this isn't a big deal to do. Some may say it is, that's your opinion which these brave men and women fought for to allow you the right to do so. I am sure of avenues the school can take to cut some areas of the budget to implement this.

  • Thomas - 6 years ago

    The veterans are merely asking the Board to all the community to vote on the issue. They refuse to put it before the district residents saying, "we don't care what the community wants, we know best". A direct quote from Kelli Lappan. The veterans fought for Democracy and here the ACSDBOARD BOE screams socialism. The residents should be outraged by such an arrogant comment.

  • Adam Nowik Jr - 6 years ago

    What is done to our veterans is an absolute disgrace. These men and women served their country (all of US) and here we deny them a small thank you. Remember people it wasn't that long ago when we had a draft, we sent our men and women to fight in yet another foreign land and many did not return. Those who did were treated with a great deal of disrespect. Today we have no draft and again our men and women have stepped up to the plate, volunteering for service, again many do not return or return with the scars of battle RESPECT them give them this small THANK YOU it's the least we can do.

  • Army Vet Andy - 6 years ago

    While we were in uniform, we were regarded almost like the un-born; we were sacred. But the minute we became living, breathing Veterans all of a sudden we cost too much. $25 a year works out to 7 cents a day. You really consider 49 cents a week to be an undue burden? You don't think Veterans are worth 49 cents a week? You see how the military is stretched thin in Iraq/Afghanistan. When they start drafting your kids and grandkids you'll change your tune.

  • support the vets - 6 years ago

    Arlington should approve veterans’ property tax discount

    Recently, Dutchess County Legislator Marc Coviello wrote an editorial for the Poughkeepsie Journal’s Legislative Spotlight column (“State spending has onerous impact,” Jan. 24).

    Marc stated, “I will note here that in the Arlington Central School District, our veterans are not receiving this deduction due to the fact that New York does not fund it.”

    I agree all veterans should be receiving this discount!

    Marc may not know that the Arlington Central School District board of education is currently giving all retired Arlington teachers full individual health benefits for life. When retirees turn age 65 using Medicare, their Part B Medicare is also fully reimbursed. How can this be?

    I know firsthand most all of the local school districts have honored veterans by authorizing the veterans’ property discount. Long ago, most districts discontinued the retirement for free medical and reimbursement of their Medicare Part B out-of-pocket costs.

    It is not this mandate from Gov. Andrew Cuomo — as Coviello states — that causes the veterans in Arlington to not get their discount, but the board’s decision to fully fund the teachers’ retirement packages, to not cut costs, and to not give the veteran tax break. I believe all employees of the district receive the same package.

    It is time the board of education starts cutting back on its own employee benefit packages, which will enable them to take care of their tax-paying veterans who may be paying for their own Medicare Part B package and secondary medical insurance!

    Bill Gannon


  • K - 6 years ago

    Oops, I meant I do not generally agree with the Arlington Board of Ed....

  • K - 6 years ago

    My children are grown and have moved out of the area due to a lack of jobs here. I am still paying school taxes. Veterans and those with no children benefit from the students who stay here and become their doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, etc. We should all support our students. The final product is educated young people taking care of us as we age. Those of us who do not get exemptions will be forced to leave as we will be carrying more of a burden. This year it is quoted as a $26 cost. It is a cost that will exponentially rise as time passes.

    I do not generally with the Arlington Board of Education, but this time they have it right. Thank you to them for their consideration of those of us who will have to bear this burden

  • Nicole F - 6 years ago

    ACSD could have simply put this in their 2% capped budget but they don't. That's what most other districts have done. Kelly Lappan has been on the school board for over a decade and is now suddenly concerned with a school tax increase? She's the same person who was voting to hammer us with double digit school tax increases prior to the 2% cap taking effect in 2011. We voted the 2010 budget down in fact because the school board wanted the taxpayers to say yes to a13% increase. I agree with the Vets. We should be given the option to vote on this. They want us to vote for propane powered school buses and solar panels which will be hundreds of thousands of dollars. I think we can be trusted with this. As far Lappan's comment on the Seniors break they grant is means tested and the Vet one is not is simply incorrect. The greater the disability of a Vet is what determines how much they get a break for. It's not just a break to anyone who served. It's for the combat Vets and the disabled ones. I see no problem in them getting a break. They served so that I didn't have to. They've earned it!

  • Navy Vet - 6 years ago

    So sad ACSD BOE will not give their vets a break. while they give full retirement health individual benefits for life and then reimburse their Medicare Part B out of pocket costs. Why will they not cut costs??? Sweet heart retirements for life... Why has this BOE not stepped up to approve? Why does the school district honor its Vets during Veterans Day and then NOT give them a tax break.. What is 25 dollars a year on a 200k home??

  • marty warren - 6 years ago

    Why can't we leave any comments on the Donald Trump story? Are you afraid we might show him he is not the most popular person here? Open up the comment section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marty warren - 6 years ago

    No. Vets should not be granted this exemption in any school district because this puts an unfair burden on the other tax payers. What if more veterans move to a district because of the exemption? That puts a real strain on the others trying to stay in their home. We have no children and have paid school taxes for many years. Perhaps people who don't have kids should be exempt because we don't use the services of a school! Does that sound ridiculous? Well so does the vet argument. They already get a break from the state. Leave the school taxes ALONE in all districts!!!!!!

  • r - 6 years ago

    Then why not exempt owners with no children in the school district?

  • Dan the Human - 6 years ago

    This is a typical liberal play: pit one group against another. Why not focus on the real issue, which is out of control spending per student, in NY school districts? This state spends $19,000 per student, per year. It's a ridiculous waste of top-heavy administration costs, entitlements and special programs for pretty much anything the liberal hand-wringing educators can dream up.

  • Bernie Cunningham - 6 years ago

    Yes and if someone has to ask what we went through to help keep this GREAT country STAY GREAT and yes we don't have walls so if you don't like it here you can LEAVE I will even donate my sailboat so you can BUT try to find another country to take you Ha HA or you could join that guy they call our leader in Cuba WHAT A DISGRACE HE IS

  • TomB - 6 years ago

    I commend our brave Veterans for keeping our country safe but if we keep giving exemptions to everyone the burden is placed on the rest of us who can't afford it anymore. People are leaving the state as a result.

  • Chris - 6 years ago

    As a Veteran that fought for this country freedoms, it would be nice that Arlington give us a school tax exemption. However we also fought for the right for the people of Arlington not to give us that exemption. It's a two way street. Is it horrible that Arlington want to be like that, sure it is. That's why I didn't move to Arlington, and future Veterans will not move there as well. Besides, there are other and better school districts out there.... And Arlington can continue to close their schools and talk about its high tax levy when let's say a religious group moves in and doesn't pay anything and the burden falls on the tax payers of Arlington to make up the difference. Good luck with your decision Arlington.

  • M - 6 years ago

    Why do the veterans also want free stuff? Is that what they fought for?

    Pay your fair share and zip it already.

  • Lady LaGrange - 6 years ago

    As long as the rest of us don't have to make up the difference.

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