Do you think the Wilmington Riverfront can support two more hotels?

  • John Ferrara - 5 years ago

    I just don't see it. As the business leaves so does the demand for lodging. I don't see the restaurants packed. Bringing the hotels before the demand doesn't make must sense.

  • Al Ament - 5 years ago

    Growth is necessary for the city of Wilmington. The more hotels the more visitors. and with additional hotels will come more restaurants, etc.

  • Lee - 5 years ago

    I think that they should concentrate on making the existing hotel at the Riverfront flourish. When we are talking about max occupancy and a thriving bar and restaurant business at the current hotel, then and only then should we be talking about expanding to build more hotels.

    Right now you would be splitting the business of the one hotel with two others and not bringing any substantial business to the Riverfront. Work on solidifying more businesses down there and pushing out through robust advertisement the existing amenities down there to the surrounding area as well as finding ways to increase access points to the area for customers. Then and only then would two additional hotels make wise business sense.

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