What should be done with the injured wolf seen in Baxter?

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    • explorer - 4 years ago

      Hey Dirk, think there's a Lassie marathon on Lifetime.

    • Dirk - 4 years ago

      @explorer: agree 100 percent with you hunters and trappers: take the wolf and cook it to feed your entire trailer park! Your mom is sick of cooking possum and muskrats all the time

    • Explorer - 4 years ago

      Accountability- well said. I would only add that while this critter is running around, keep any eye on your pets. If he is injured or has been chased from his pack, he may be looking for an easy meal. No judgement on the wolf. Just nature.

    • Accountability - 4 years ago

      If the wolf was injured in a trap, then it actually would be our responsibility to treat it. If not, then either do nothing/let nature take its course or haze it to keep its fear of humans. This does not mean shooting it/trapping it/torturing it. Anyone who decides to go into/live in territory with wild animals such as wolves is obligated to understand the safety measures THEY need to implement with such a creature. Using nonlethal deterrents is the best thing one can do, for wolves or any creature. Don't like it? Move back into a city and quit complaining. Wolves are hardly anything to fear as long as you are aware and not an idiot. When it comes to predators, I'd be more worried over a mountain lion or even a bear, as they tend to be more bold. Use your head and they'll be no threat to you. Don't leave food around to entice them/habituate them. Don't turn your back or run from a predator. Don't run up to the wolf thinking it is a "cute little doggie that wants to be pet and loved." Treat it like the wild predator it is and enjoy watching them. Many people never get the chance to live amongst wolves.

    • Explorer - 4 years ago

      I have lived my entire life in the country. I spend most of my free time in the woods or on the water. The capture and confinement of this animal would probably kill it before medical treatment could help it. And the old "they were here before us" argument has run its course.

    • Nature lover - 4 years ago

      Explorer. They were here before we were. I think we owe it to this injured wolf to try to help it. Apparently you never grew up in the country and have little respect for nature and it's animals. I see no reason why this wolf should suffer. Capture it before it hurts someone or starves to death and see what can be done. If nothing can be done than put it down but at least give it a chance.

    • reality22 - 4 years ago

      I have absolutely NO problem with those the voted for "medical attention" to do so on their dime! IF SO, they also need to pay for the cost to trap the vermin, the medical attention, and its upkeep if they have habituated the critter.

    • Explorer - 4 years ago

      Hey Realist, maybe Bernie can raise taxes enough so we can bring all injured wild critters to the vet.

    • Realist - 4 years ago

      Explorer you are totally correct. Maybe we should vote in Bernie Sanders so income tax can go to 55% like all the "dream" countries and they will have enough to feed the wolves.. :S Yet no one wants to pay more taxes. Think about it people.

    • Explorer - 4 years ago

      To the 285 meat heads that have voted at this point to have the wolf captured and given medical care...this is not a Walt Disney movie. This is reality. You either let nature take its course or put it down.

      Have a nice day

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