Should you be able to buy luxury items on food stamps?

  • J. - 4 years ago

    Let the people buy steak lobster or whatever they's no one's business period.the grocery store is the one making out anyway.let's prob into some of the mismanaged so called taxpayers money they throw away on what ever they want all the time.leave the people alone ...some of these so called law makers are a joke.they want you to not be able buy a milkyway bar.they want a more healthy choice ,with all the chemicsls in the food ..ok. ooh yeah your really saving the tax payers money...what a joke .big brother in your fridge.

  • Jim Saldder - 4 years ago

    You can get free stuff just by being on food stamps! You can get free gas, banking cards, internet, phones and more! It is actually very simple to get and worked for me and my kids.

  • Jim Saldder - 4 years ago

    You can get free stuff just by being on food stamps! You can get free gas, banking cards, internet, phones and more! It is actually very simple to get, and it worked for me and my kids

  • Sherri - 4 years ago

    Just because someone is on assistance does that mean they should eat only canned meat or cheaper meat? If they need assistance it could be for any number of reasons. Eating a nice meal shouldn't only be for certain people. A nice meal can make people feel better when they aren't feeling so good. Bringing your family together with a special meal creates bonds and memories. Should "luxury " food be only for the entitled? Don't they have enough without dictating what people buy with their $100 & some odd monthly allowance? How about paying a fair wage that is above poverty level? That way people who work and receive assistance could actually afford to feed their families without having the stigma of being labeled as good-for-nothings or lazy. Shame on you people who know nothing about an individuals circumstance and think just because they are getting help that they don't have the right to eat a steak or lobster. Just pray that you will never have to know what it is to need help. Don't you think they would rather have the money to buy food then be judged or labeled and lumped into a group? Are you all for making tampons a luxury item as well?

  • Dee - 4 years ago

    Who really cares smh. All those saying you work 40 hours a week and can't afford it, need to get better jobs. I can afford it, and also consider myself blessed not to have ever needed anyone's assistance. I'm not going to sit back, like a little cry baby and try to dictate what poor people spend foods stamps on. Wake me up when they show how much money this has saved anyone!

  • Michelle - 4 years ago

    I can not even believe this is an issue. Who the heck cares what someone spends their assistance on? It is not like they get some extra cash to go and buy a piece of crustacean. They use what they are allotted for the month and when it is gone it is gone. Perhaps they are buying it for a significant others birthday. Maybe it is mothers day, or fathers day. Maybe someone is on their death bed and the last thing they want to enjoy is a freakin steak. You would deny someone that? They already can not spend it on hot food. If you go to the grocery store, you can purchase a cold rotisserie chicken, but not a warm one. I so think there are better things to argue about than this. Furthermore, I wonder if folks would have a different opinion if they realized that a large percentage of former military utilize food stamps. Shame on those that think they know what is best for someone out side of their own family.

  • Mike - 4 years ago

    Just another political stunt to demonize the poor and downtrodden. How about going after the real "freeloaders", like the rich who don't pay their fair share of taxes? Or the corporations who make billions in profits, but pay nothing in taxes? These corporations are stealing BILLIONS of dollars from our government, and you're worried about STEAK AND LOBSTER? WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

  • Ansrade - 4 years ago

    Politicians can do drugs , cops kill minority's like nothing .

    You white folks pay for wars so the politicians get rich !!
    Our minority kids get killed in these wars
    And you worry about food stamps!!!!

    Media stop sensationalizing this stupid shit
    As long as they feed the kids fuck it!!

  • Kat - 4 years ago

    How would you know if they are eating a lobster alone or if they are making lobster bisque for 12 servings? If people want to spend a 4-day ration on lobster, let them have a go at it!

  • Dale - 4 years ago

    I think if you want the finer things in life you should have to work for it and not be a freeloader and sit on your ass all day this is the real world things should not just be given to you on a silver platter

  • Joanne - 4 years ago

    i work hard and I can't afford it. Why should they ? Get up off your ass and get a job and stop freeloading.

  • Joanne - 4 years ago

    i work hard and I can't afford it. Why should they ? Get up off your ass and get a job and stop freeloading.

  • Flowers - 4 years ago

    We break our backs for politicians and influential leaders like Trump. I'm sure many of you are aware that the majority receiving supplemental benefits are taxpayers as well! Steak is meat from a cow and lobsters are bottom feeders. Who named a basic protein and roaches of the sea luxury?

  • Todd - 4 years ago

    This is stupid - there is enough lobster for everyone - don't get all constipated.

  • Oh Please - 4 years ago

    If you can afford steak and lobster, your employer better be the gracious benefactor.

  • Char - 4 years ago

    I work 40 hrs a week and can't afford to buy luxury items! Food stamps are for people in need to use as a steppingstone until they can better themselves, not as a lifestyle living off of other people breaking their backs to survive week to week.

  • Linda - 4 years ago

    Yes, everyone should be able to have these item occasionally, why be mean? If someone uses all on luxury items, they would run out too quickly, but managed, someone could enjoy once in a while...yes

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