Should large retailers in Delaware be required to charge a 5-cent fee on plastic shopping bags?

  • Earlhenry - 5 years ago

    Do something about crime instead of telling someone what type of bags to use if next time they will tell us when we can take a shit

  • Jenn Ruebush - 5 years ago

    I've been using reusable bags for years now. They hold more, are sturdier, and are much better for the environment. Stores could encourage people to use cloth bags by selling them at a discounted rate for a period of time. Europe and some places in the US already charge for plastic bags, and you can see the difference as you walk around. There are so many plastic bags floating around. It's time to address the problem.

  • margie - 5 years ago

    NO MORE Taxes!!! We do NOT need a 5cent charge, the stores need to start using bio degradable bags! Personally we use the bags at home for many things, covering weed wackers, cleaning up after pets, and cat boxes...they all go into the trash. People are people, bring back paper bags or start using the ones that disintegrate. There is no reason for this whatsoever! I am in line with Fred Flintstone and old nuke...enough Delaware, enough! Start getting rid of some of these laws or face a personal penalty in the senate.

  • Fred - 5 years ago

    This is just another example of the "nanny state", and it isn't as if the stores are going to follow or respect this absurd new law if it were passed, at least not all the neighborhood stores throughtout the city. There is no problem severe enough to justify other people bending to your will.
    And the plastic bags are also used by many for removal of pet waste, cat boxes and small waste disposal. It's amazing how so many people think they have the right to just tell others what to do. There's been litter for a long time, the world isn't going to end, if you truly dislike it so much go volunteer to do clean ups or adopt a highway, and stop telling other people how to live.

  • Elizabeth Wickersham - 5 years ago

    I think most stores (grocery and some retail) should be required to charge 5 cents per plastic bag as this would encourage people to remember to bring their own bags and greatly reduce the number of plastic bags in landfills. They should also offer good quality reusable bags at a reasonable price.
    However, I wouldn't want to pay for a bag when buying a nice dress or a suit as that's not something that should be stuffed in reusable grocery bag.

  • John Weber - 5 years ago

    Of course. 5 Cents Makes Sense! Washington DC did it and bag use has gone down a lot. Litter in rivers has decreased, and retailers say they are spending less on bags because they are giving fewer away, and they make a penny for the ones they give away.

    Thais is a no-brainer.

  • Katie - 5 years ago

    Yes I think they should be charged 5cents for a bag all I am doing is putting your script in a bag and that is a waste just carry it out I could see if you were buying more things but your not just take your one item and go don't ask me for a bag when I know your gonna throw it on the ground

  • Stephanie Herron - 5 years ago

    A small charge on single-use bags has been shown in many other places--the closest and most similar in size being Washington D.C.-- to be extremely effective in reducing plastic bag litter. In D.C. plastic consumption went down by about 60% when they implemented a five cent charge and they saw a corresponding reduction in bag litter. The true cost of plastic bags is much greater than five cents. Not only is the cost to the retailers passed on to the customer at the point of sale (currently you pay this whether you get a bag or not), but the costs of cleaning up waterways, clearing out clogged storm drains, waste-water treatment plants and recycling centers is all passed on to the taxpayer

    This legislation is NOT a tax at all. The five cent charge per bag would be kept by the retailer, not go to the government. In Delaware our existing law requires large retailers (over 7,000 sq/ft) to take back plastic bags and have them recycled. These bags ARE NOT recyclable in your curbside recycling bin (a poorly publicized and little know fact). Currently, the retailers absorb any costs associated with collecting, sorting, transporting and/or recycling the bags brought back. The small amount of revenue generated by the bag charge could help stores cover those costs (rather than pass them on to the customer) and then any money left over should be used either to do giveaways of free reusable bags or education about the impacts of of bags on the environment and how to recycle them--i.e. ONLY by bringing them back to the store.

    Remember, the retailers on not getting rich on this nominal fee, especially since I expect (based on the data from hundreds of cities and countries who have passed similar laws) that most people will stop getting the “single-use” bags and remember their reusable bags to avoid the fee. This has been proven over and over around the world.

    I hope Delaware will get with the program and pass this bill. I commend the Wilmington City Council for their foresight and am proud of my Councilman for sponsoring this resolution!

  • Fred Flintstone - 5 years ago

    Welp looks like we're back to the PITA poll commenting, well look at the bright side, don't have to 'refresh' to get the poll selection...SMH Too bad TNJ didn't still with the original one THAT WORKED!

  • Karen - 5 years ago

    Where does the money go? When we had the nickel on plastic bottles the State didn't bother to collect it and the program didn't stop the litter. I could support this if the money(tax) went to clean and maintain the parks.

  • Monica - 5 years ago

    It should be a quarter! People carry bags six steps from the cash register to outside the door where they're disposed of OUTSIDE. It's ridiculous. Charge away!

  • J Mullaney - 5 years ago

    Please, don't stop until we put an end to the endless stream of black plastic bags that fly around the city, from the ever-present corner liquor stores...

  • Debbie Ganassi - 5 years ago

    Get with the program people!!
    It is time to do away with those harmful environmental plastic bags.
    We have been using the reusable cloth bags for years at Shoprite, they are only
    $1 for the bag and that $1 spent on those bags are well worth saving our environment.

  • oldnuke - 5 years ago

    Just another hidden tax.

    Perhaps we should have a new law tax. Legislators have to pay the citizens $1M out of their own pocket for each new law. Or abolish two old laws.

  • Laura Caffrey - 5 years ago

    Charging for plastic bags does not solve the problem. Offer paper bags or remove the plastic bags entirely.

  • Paul Burns - 5 years ago

    I live in Huntington Beach, CA. We banned plastic bags & it was increasingly popular. Charging a nickel a bag is just a money grab & does not solve the problem of plastic bags which do my de-compose. Bags are harmful especially near the ocean.

  • - 5 years ago

    The Wilmington City Council is supporting state legislation to have some large retailers charge 5 cents for plastic bags. Read more about this:

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